Energy Pioneer Innogy Harnesses the Power of Video to Keep Customers and Employees Informed

Image courtesy of Innogy.

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 06-20-2019

For retail energy companies, keeping the public well informed is nearly as important as keeping the lights on. More than ever, energy consumers want information—about their rates, the reliability of their power supply, use of renewable energy, and more. The challenge is to deliver valuable news in a format that’s easy for people to digest, and video is increasingly the perfect answer.

Innogy is a company that has gone all in on video to keep customers and employees up to date on the latest company and important industry news. As Germany’s leading energy supplier, Innogy delivers power to 23 million customers and employs 42,000 people. Communicating with all of them effectively is a top priority.

That’s why the company invested in an in-house video production studio, using Adobe Creative Cloud apps to produce professional-quality videos, fast. Last year, the team generated an impressive 450 videos, from interviews and events to short feature films and interactive live streams.

“Video allows us to share stories and bring the Innogy brand to life in a way that no other medium can,” says Martin Pack, Executive Producer at Innogy. “Working with Adobe supports our mission to produce informative and relevant videos for our customers.”

Indeed, videos helped mitigate stress among Innogy employees during a complex internal reorganization spurred by the recent merger between parent company RWE AG and E.ON. With short clips about how newly merged departments and plants would work together and interactive live streams with executives, video helped ease the transition.

Professional quality at the speed of business

The video team uses Adobe Premiere Pro to produce longer videos requiring more complex edits and professional polish, such as a promotional video or an official public announcement. Editors can clean up the audio in Adobe Audition and use Adobe After Effects to add titles, animations, and graphics. The overall effect is one of credibility and confidence—a powerful message to send to customers who rely on Innogy services every day.

With other videos, however, it’s all about speed and ease—without losing the professional feel. That’s where Adobe Premiere Rush comes in, enabling the video team to capture footage on tablets or smartphones, and then edit and post clips while on the go.

“When Adobe Premiere Rush came to market, I was delighted,” says Martin. “Now, I can quickly and easily produce short stories on my smartphone and tablet.”

This is crucial when the team wants to capture the energy of a live event, for example, or show viewers what it looks like from the top of an offshore wind turbine. With such an easy and quick way to shoot and share video, Innogy now uses Adobe Premiere Rush for a quarter of all the videos it produces.

Video editors also rely on Creative Cloud Libraries to share video clips, graphics, and other creative assets as they produce videos—and tap into Adobe Stock for millions of photos, illustrations, graphics, and video clips to supplement raw footage.

Keeping millions of people informed is no small task, but Innogy is maximizing the impact of its communications with timely, compelling videos.

Innogy uses Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including professional-grade video editing tools, to communicate with employees and energy consumers across Germany. Learn more here.

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