Sparking Better Teamwork Around the World: What’s New in 2019!

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 06-24-2019

Summer is here, and what a year it’s been already! The Adobe Spark team has heard loud and clear that you want more ways to express yourself, the ability to collaborate with your team, and the option to work in your local language. We’ve been hard at work on all three fronts. Here’s what’s new so far this year.

It’s an Expression Explosion!

You may have noticed some new and exciting ways to express yourself with Spark: we’ve added fresh text animations and animated stickers in the iOS app, so you can easily make your message move. And everyday, our crack design team is creating new templates, including premium templates for our paid members that feature bespoke fonts from the world’s leading type foundries. From one-tap animations and trendy stickers, to thousands of new, bold, expressive fonts, it’s a veritable expression explosion!


Setting your creativity aflame is paramount to Spark’s mission and we’re committed to bringing you trendy and timeless design ingredients to help you stand out on social media and beyond. But that’s just part of the equation. Spark is here to help you communicate more effectively everywhere from boardrooms to chat rooms to classrooms. And working together at a global scale is a big piece of that puzzle. So we’re thrilled to announce Spark’s first foray into collaborative editing _and _our expansion to languages across the world.

Sparking better teamwork

Many of you have told us that Spark would be even better if you could work on projects with collaborators. Now, you can invite anyone to edit your Spark projects on the web. Graphic designers can pass projects onto their clients for adjustments, marketers can finalise copy on graphics and videos before social media managers push them live, students and teachers can foster better teamwork with shared group projects, and co-workers can tag-team on the same presentation or report.

Here’s how it works:

To invite people to your project, click the three dots in the upper right corner. You’ll have to be on on your desktop or laptop – the feature is not on mobile just yet. Enter the email address of your collaborator and hit ‘invite’. The recipient will receive an email or an in-app notification inviting them to edit the document. You can invite as many people as you’d like to edit your project.

Shared projects will appear in a new tab in your project organiser. Any edits your collaborators make on your project will be visible to you and vice versa.

Note that while you’re editing, you’ll be the only one who can open the project to avoid conflicts.

We all need to work together, all the time, from anywhere. So rest assured this is just the first step in building better collaborative workflows in Spark.

Here’s what you can look forward to this year and beyond:

Teamwork is vital to creativity and we’re focused on helping our users work together to build powerful visual stories. Stay tuned – we are just getting started.

To celebrate, we’re offering a discount on the Spark for Teams plan. Check out our pricing page_ to learn how to set up your team with Spark. And remember – Spark remains _free for teachers, students, and school administrators.

¡Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! We’ve gone global!

We’ve had a diverse, international user base since we launched in 2016. In fact, we have customers from over 200 countries, who have created more than 30 Million Spark projects in 2019 so far alone. So we’re excited to finally offer Spark in multiple languages. Spark Post (iOS and Android), Spark Page (iOS), and Spark Video (iOS) are now available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Want to check it out? Simply select your preferred language and region at the bottom of the Spark site. We’ll be adding more languages soon!


It’s a lot, right? We could not do it without you, our user. Spark runs on your creativity and you’ve set the bar high in 2019. You’re creating and publishing more than ever, adding to the millions of Sparks shared. And just last month, you helped us win the Internet with Webby Awards for Best Use of Machine Learning.

It’s an exciting time to Spark and we’re so happy you’re here! As always, please share your feedback on Uservoice or reach out to us on social @adobespark. We love to hear from you.

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