Start Your Summer with 290 New Fonts

New additions to the Adobe Fonts library are included with Creative Cloud subscriptions.

by Yves Peters

posted on 06-24-2019

School’s out for summer! If you’re thirsty for new fonts, we have fresh type for you. Please welcome new foundry partners Synthview, Ndiscover, and Toppan, plus Resistenza and Paratype, beefing up your Creative Cloud subscription with 25 new typefaces and one family extension. This totals a whopping 290 new fonts at your fingertips at no extra cost!

Sophisticated fonts from Synthview

Digital Art Director Jan Tonellato runs his one-man foundry Synthview from Paris, France. This graduate from the Type Design master class at Poli-Design in Milan, Italy, approaches typeface design from a graphic designer’s point of view, developing large font families that each offer multitudes of options within a single, cohesive framework.

Operetta’s delicate thin strokes and refined swashes are optimized for five different size ranges, and give the high-contrast serif face a distinguished appearance.

High-contrast typefaces with their extreme variation in stroke thickness can be problematic — if the thinnest parts are too fine, they break up and disappear at smaller sizes; make them sturdier, and the letters look awkward and unrefined at larger sizes. Operetta counters these issues with five optical variants drawn to optimize legibility in specific size ranges. The many swashes, arrows, and other extra glyphs turn the fonts into true typographic toolboxes.

Novecento Carved combines with Novecento Sans to create an engraved look.

Novecento is an expansive type system inspired by European posters and advertising from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and is meant for posters and headlines, logos and branding, and short texts. It consists of three sub-families, each in eight weights and four widths. Novecento Sans and its serif companion Novecento Slab can be used as standalone typefaces. Novecento Carved generates a bas-relief or engraving effect when layered on top of Novecento Sans.

Discover Ndiscover

Lisbon-based type designer Natanael Gama, whose Ndiscover foundry is one of our newest partners, lands in your Creative Cloud subscription with four striking display faces and a trendy sans serif family.

Worker’s robust, angular shapes look great on packaging and labels.

Create a hip, industrial, outdoorsy atmosphere with the angular (and aptly named) Worker or the vintage-looking sans serif Nazaré, and combine with Feltro, a handmade brush script with textured, outline, and shadow versions, fully stocked with dynamic swashes and alternates. The bulbous letterforms of Opake, an experiment in drawing characters with a single continuous line, look whimsical and approachable.

Exo Soft finds the perfect middle ground between the technical and the human for all your branding and communication needs.

Technology meets humanity in Exo Soft, a contemporary sans serif with delicately smoothed corners. Use it to lend your message a professional yet warm, eco-friendly feel. Exo Soft’s nine weights with matching italics support Latin Extended and Cyrillic.

Irresistible new type from Resistenza

Express your love for the natural and the handmade in your T-shirts, packaging, invitations, posters, and other catchy designs with 10 new typefaces from Resistenza. Their feature-rich fonts are filled to the brim with typographic goodies.

Natura’s elegant swirls and swashes effortlessly turn you into an accomplished calligrapher.

Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González demonstrate their calligraphic skills with four handwritten fonts. Inspired by old nature field notebooks, Natura has the elegance of vintage penmanship, while Mina’s monoline (strokes of even width) wide letters look more modern. If you prefer a brush texture, you can choose between the breezy and similarly wide Shabby Chic or energetic Timberline.

The vigorous Timberline has the texture of fine brush strokes on rough paper.

The duo also caters to admirers of handmade display type. The narrow hand-drawn sans serif Montana and the chummy brush sans Smoothy give your message a friendly, relaxed feel. Story Tales’ curly embellishments and Pesto Fresco’s nested capitals and ligatures lend the two painted display faces that trendy retro touch. Stencil Creek’s rough, rounded stencil characters seem to have been spray-painted.

Three years in development, the quirky Auster is a 9-weight typeface in roman and italic. Its unconventional reverse contrast — where the horizontal strokes are thicker than the verticals — aids the reading flow and makes the sans serif stand out from the crowd.

New multi-script fonts from Paratype

For the past 30 years, the Russian foundry ParaType has developed type-supporting Cyrillic and Latin Extended. With this release, they are treating the globally-minded Creative Cloud users to 16 new typefaces for display, text, and everything in between.

Explore the Glyphs panel and the Stylistic Sets to discover all of Circe’s different variations, which range from a no-frills geometric sans serif to a decorative display typeface.

Circe is a geometric sans serif with humanist touches. With this latest update, the typeface acquired italics as well as a slab-serif sibling. Circe Slab offers variations in weight and width, but increases in contrast too, from the monoline Circe Slab A to the stressed Circe Slab C. For a friendly and informal look, try Vaccine, a semi-slab serif with soft stroke endings, or Calendula, a humanistic semi-serif that switches from business to pleasure with one click. The casual Muffin looks like it was written with a marker pen, and Crassula’s rounded contours and smooth features give it an agreeable air.

Impossible to ignore Hypocrite’s mighty letterforms with their wide-legged posture and potent serifs.

In the display department, the loud and powerful slab serif Bombarda and the extra-wide, extra-dark Hypocrite are guaranteed to get noticed. If you’re feeling adventurous, the experimental geometric sans Krok is like a typographic chameleon, and Rodchenko’s strict geometric capitals are inspired by the angular typography of the Russian Constructivists from the 1920s and ’30s. The lively calligraphic all-caps Wak offers a plethora of ligatures and alternates.

Blonde Fraktur is a free interpretation of the blackletter style with many lovely ornate variants.

ParaType has something for script fans too. Use the italic/calligraphic hybrid Emploi or Millettre, based on the type designer’s lettering for greeting cards, to create elegant invitations and menus. The retro advertising script Mojito comes in three different textures. Six Hands is a set of handwritten fonts based on various writing tools, and Blonde Fraktur freely interprets blackletter models.

New Japanese fonts from Toppan

Among our newest foundry partners is Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Toppan Bunkyutai is a series of Mincho and Gothic-style typefaces in multiple weights offering a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese type designs. The fonts were drawn to combine harmoniously in text and display environments, with the Midashi variants geared towards warm, impactful titles and headlines. Toppan Bunkyutai is firmly rooted in handwriting, which lends the glyphs a warmth and softness making them look outgoing and easy to read.

If you’re in need of typographic refreshments, look no further. Don’t know where to start? Get a sampling of the fonts in this roundup with our School’s Out font pack. And if you’re working in Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, dive into the Glyphs panel to discover all the special typographic features these fonts have to offer.

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