Perfect Your Drawing & Digital Painting at MAX

by Elissa Dunn Scott

posted on 06-26-2019

There’s no better place than The Creativity Conference to immerse yourself in creative inspiration. This track at Adobe MAX 2019 will leave you feeling inspired, inventive, and so much more.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn from experts or you’re an experienced professional ready to expand your expertise, the Drawing & Digital Painting track has a wealth of things for you. You’ll find a home here among the other creators who share your interest in digital art — you’ll meet illustrators, digital artists, 3D designers, graphic artists, creative directors, art directors, experts, beginners, and students. Join the top names in drawing, painting, and illustration as they share new industry secrets, insider tips, and tactical skill sets.

With a treasure trove of sessions to choose from in the Drawing & Digital Painting track, you’ll have your work cut out for you before the conference even begins. We thought we’d share these three sessions to whet your appetite:

Creating Your Best Work: Training Your Eyes to Edit — Anna Daviscourt, illustrator & author, Adobe

Ever find yourself starting a still-blank canvas? Or puzzling over an old, never-finished piece? Whatever the scenario, figuring out what to do next is an artist’s greatest challenge. And it’s not for lack of creativity! For this MAX master, all you need are the right tools and a plan. Illustrator and author Anna Daviscourt is here to help you revolutionize your work by breaking down what makes a design go from static to stunning and teaching you to look at art in an entirely new way.

Here’s what Anna has in store for you to learn:

Different Strokes: How Two Professional Illustrators Make Vector Magic — Rob Generette III & Tracie Ching, illustrators

Two incredible artists are collaborating to bring you this insightful and inspiring session all about vectors! With an impressive array of projects and clients between them — from AMC, Disney, and Marvel to the NBA, Nike, and ESPN — Tracie Ching and Rob Generette III (Robzilla) are no strangers to creating successful vector-based art.

But what is vector art? Well, if you don’t know, we’re glad you asked! It’s a digital illustration technique that uses math to create infinitely scalable art. Since it’s not as instinctual as traditional illustration which uses pencils and paints, vector art can be intimidating at first, but, if you stick with it, it’s endlessly rewarding. Just ask Tracie and Rob!

Want to learn more? Let these experts share their knowledge with you!

In this session, you’ll learn:

Learning to Sketch Like an Industrial Designer with Project Gemini — Spencer Nugent, illustrator & founder of IIDSKETCHING.COM

Can you count the number of objects you used today that began as drawings? Phones, computers, cars — you name it, they all came from sketches. But creating a sketch that can turn into a reality is no small feat: it has to reflect real-world properties. Join celebrated industrial designer and instructor Spencer Nugent in this hands-on lab centered around industrial design using Project Gemini on an iPad Pro. With an Apple Pencil in hand and a seasoned teacher at your disposal, you’ll learn methods of perspective, line quality, shape, and form integral to industrial design.

In this lively lab, you’ll discover:

If reading about these sessions has you on the edge of your seat, just wait until you get to attend them! Register here if you haven’t already, then get planning as you peruse the MAX session catalog here.

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