Welcome To The New And Improved CMO By Adobe

As the definition of digital transformation expanded, so did our strategic imperative.

Welcome To The New And Improved CMO By Adobe

by Giselle Abramovich

Posted on 07-02-2019

Notice anything different on our site? The name? The look and feel? Hopefully you do.

Let me explain.

It isn’t easy to overhaul the experience of a site that gets more than 3.4 million page views per year. But we recognized this was a strategic imperative as the definition of digital transformation—and all of the people involved in building a modern enterprise—expanded.

Let’s rewind back to August 2009 for a moment, when CMO.com was launched by Omniture, a Web analytics company that Adobe acquired just two months after we went live. At that point, the site was 100% focused on curating content from around the web that was of interest to chief marketers. In time, we began to add in our own original content, including articles from journalists and opinion pieces from industry thought leaders. Today, nearly every article on CMO.com has been written and edited exclusively for our site.

As CMO.com grew, another shift was happening industrywide. Businesses began embracing customer-centric digital transformation, which encompasses people, processes, and technology—and goes beyond the efforts of cutting-edge marketing leaders. With that, our core audience broadened, and 18 months ago our team began to provide thought leadership pieces and other articles not only for CMOs, but for other members of the C-suite, too. Today our content is tailored for CMOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, chief creatives, heads of commerce—and any other leader within an organization who is on the hook for customer experience.

Fueled by these changes in the industry, and as we approached our 10-year anniversary, we knew it was time for a transformation in our site experience. We had three major objectives: First, the redesign had to be aesthetically beautiful—we’re a creative company after all. It also had to take advantage of Adobe’s digital experience technology. Finally, it had to reflect our own focus on customer-centric business transformation, by offering a personalized site experience for the many different types of business decision makers—who are now part of our audience—navigating digital disruption.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to “CMO by Adobe.”

To make the site all the more relevant, you can now filter content by your business role as well as by topic to customize the page with articles you are most interested in reading. We’ve also built in contextual pathways for related information on Adobe Blogs and Adobe.com.

We ask that you browse around and see all that we have to offer. And please feel free to reach out with feedback and suggestions. This new site is for you. We hope you love it.

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