Develop Your Photography & Editing Skills at MAX

Whether you’re equipped with lens filters, a tripod, and a DSLR or you’re sliding open the camera app on your smartphone, you have the means to achieve photography greatness. All you need is a bit of technique and a lot of passion. And that’s where this track at Adobe MAX comes into play.

Attend sessions in this year’s Photography track to spark your inspiration, improve your photography skills, and create great photos with your smartphone camera or DSLR. With an impressive lineup of professional speakers and instructors, you’ll learn how to transform your photos to match (or even surpass) your vision. Featuring Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial sessions for people of every level, from brand-new beginners to seasoned professionals, this track will bring you fresh ideas, inspiration, and training from leading photographers and Adobe experts.

Interested in getting started with photography? Been a pro for years? Whatever your level, there are dozens of sessions, labs, and workshops for you. Here’s a sneak peek at five:

Photowalk and Scavenger Hunt — Katrin Eismann, artist, author & educator, Photoshop Diva

In this interactive photowalk, you’ll explore downtown Los Angeles with renowned photographer and educator Katrin Eismann. Newcomers and locals alike will discover a different perspective of the city through a new lens, literally. On this photo scavenger hunt, you’ll scour the area in search of answers to a wide variety of photo clues. Afterward, you’ll work with Lightroom for mobile to sort, process, and present the answers to the photo scavenger hunt. All levels of photography equipment and camera gear are welcome!

While on this fun photography adventure, you’ll learn how to:

Getting Started with Photoshop — Justin Seeley, senior instructional designer, AVADO, North America

Dip your toes into Photoshop! This session, created for beginners or those needing a refresher on core Photoshop skills, will walk you through your first steps in Photoshop. Join best-selling author and MAX Master Justin Seeley in this hands-on lab. You’ll discover how to use the major tools, panels, and commands necessary to produce amazing results! Then, you’ll walk out of the session with a rock-solid understanding of Photoshop basics so you can tackle your next creative project with the swagger and confidence of a veteran.

In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

Increase a Photograph’s Impact: Lightroom Classic Advanced Tips and Tricks — Julieanne Kost, digital evangelist, Adobe

In this advanced session, you’ll master the tools needed to enhance, refine, and add creative effects to your images. Digital Imaging Evangelist at Adobe Julieanne Kost will share a mixture of critical concepts, practical techniques, and inspirational tips that will help you create images with more impact.

Julieanne will walk you through a range of topics including:

Increase Your Photoshop Productivity with Tip & Tricks from A to Z — Julieanne Kost, digital evangelist, Adobe

If you can’t get enough of Julieanne Kost (who can blame you?), she’s holding another advanced session in the Photography track, and this one’s all about upping your Photoshop game. In this fast-paced, information-packed session, you’ll learn more Photoshop tips, tricks, and shortcuts than you ever thought could possibly fit into a 75-minute window. Discover little-known features and uncover hidden gems throughout Photoshop to increase your efficiency and reach your creative vision faster than ever before.

Among many other things, you’ll learn about:

Making Creative Imagery from Start to Finish with Photoshop on iPad — Bella Kotak, photographer & compositor

Follow along with a start-to-finish compositing tutorial in this session led by none other than photographer and compositor Bella Kotak. Using Photoshop for iPad, you’ll learn every step of the process for creating striking imagery. Once the session is over, you’ll walk out of there with all the tools you need to create stunning composite images of your own!

You’ll learn about:

These are only five of the many sessions, labs, and workshops available through the Photography track — make sure to check out all the rest here. MAX is fast approaching and we can’t wait to see you there, so if you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance!