Creator’s Horoscope — Cancer’s Let Their Imagination Do the Talking

Uber-creatives with an expansive and wild imagination.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 07-12-2019

“Uber-creatives with an expansive and wild imagination.”

Sweet cancer – you’re all about comfort and safe spaces, and I’m not just speaking to your maternal instinct. In fact, you might have noticed on July 7th that you’re getting closer to inner growth, and that’s the sentiment you need to create.

The beauty of cancer people is that the more they embrace their “soft-side”, the more room they have to touch others. They’re the people you can go to for advice and their calm, kind nature inspires you to be more centered. What they don’t know is how underrated they are in creativity.

A crab is at their best when they are empowered to create, and when they do, it’s with an expansive and wild imagination. You’re a visionary, and with your alluring charm, you would be an amazing Children’s Book Illustrator.

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You’re regular ole’ Maurice Sendak, Judith Kerr, or dare I say it, THE Dr. Seuss! You can dream up just about any species or characters and capture vibrant personalities and depth all in one Illustration.

Don’t downplay your nurturing grace, you have a gift – and let’s face it, children are totally receptive to anything cute, fuzzy, and/or adorable – so you know what to do.

Storytelling is one of your strongest skills, and if you can grasp the eyes and attention of the adolescences, you’re already way ahead of the rest of us.

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A crab’s safe space is inside their own mind and having a more emotional nature, you may tend to get in your own way. Bring those apprehensions to the forefront and share your challenges and goals with your inner circle.

After July 10th your chances of luck and opportunity are enhanced. This is the time to revisit those wild ideas and motivate yourself to execute. Don’t analyze your intentions, just do what you do best, create, and know that you are a zodiac that has some serious supporters – so dig deep, and take all those feelings to the canvas.

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