Thomas Jefferson University Fosters Innovation in the Classroom and Beyond with a Variety of Adobe Solutions

by Karen McCavitt

posted on 07-15-2019

In medicine, creative approaches to problem solving and clear communication are essential to patient care. For world-class medical facilities and teaching hospitals like Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, adopting the latest creative and digital experience technologies is changing how students learn and how the university engages patients and the broader community.

By adopting Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, and Adobe Document Cloud, TJU cultivates new ways for students to explore and convey complex medical topics—and for the university as a whole to better communicate with patients. This can include anything from sharing information directly with patients in care settings to delivering information via websites and brochures to explain complicated treatment options.

“We see Adobe as a platform for innovation,” says Gomes. “Adobe Experience Cloud helps us build a transformative patient experience that’s unlike anything most health systems have. By embracing Adobe Creative Cloud in our classrooms, we give students a way to create value for themselves and their learning.”

Students flex creative muscles to solve healthcare challenges

TJU sees a lot of enthusiasm for Adobe Creative Cloud apps, especially in the Jefferson Health Design Lab, where students are becoming better storytellers and problem solvers as they look for creative ways to reimagine healthcare services, products, and spaces, and tackle important issues like alarm fatigue.

“Now that everyone has access to these powerful tools, we can encourage our students to become doctors and researchers who create the innovations that improve lives and save patients,” says Robert Pugliese, Director of Innovation Design and Managing Director of the Health Design Lab for TJU and Jefferson Health.

In many classrooms, students use Adobe InDesign to present what they’ve learned or ideas they’ve developed. For example, a student might build a presentation explaining how a proposed medical workflow would work. Students are also learning to represent complex medical concepts, such as protein structures, by creating graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

And for digital healthcare solutions, including mobile apps and medical device interfaces, Adobe XD provides an easy way to mockup a working prototype, so students can prove their ideas before going into development.

TJU serves the community with better digital experiences

Adobe solutions help the university to drive innovation and creativity beyond the classroom, too. Staff members put Adobe Creative Cloud apps to good use in combination with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions—committed to building convenient digital experiences for students, patients, and the public.

Adobe Experience Manager offers an easy way for staff to keep the TJU website and Jefferson Health portal up to date with the latest news and information, plus advanced features such as physician ratings, online appointments, donation functionality, the ability to register for seminars, and much more. The team continuously optimizes the experiences for web, mobile, and kiosk using Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

Email also plays a big role in digital experiences at TJU, and the university uses Adobe Campaign and Adobe Audience Manager to deliver targeted email campaigns to precise audiences.

In addition, the university has adopted Adobe Sign to digitize its paper-based workflows, from enrollment to purchasing and supply chain approvals to hiring.

Using Adobe cloud solutions across the board, TJU has gone all in with its investment in digital technology and visual communication. Not only has the university built creativity into its curriculum for students, but it also models the approach in its everyday operations—a true sign that TJU staff and graduates are prepared for success in the digital age.

TJU fosters a learning environment encouraging creativity and visual communication using Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Document Cloud solutions. Learn more here.

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