Global Reach Builds and Scales its Business with Adobe ColdFusion

A strong web presence is essential for every business, and today’s websites must be designed for maximum business impact. From its headquarters in Ames, Iowa, Global Reach Internet Productions pushes companies to think big—finding ways to achieve greater business results from their websites.

The web development firm also thinks big in its own business, building award-winning websites and continually improving its SiteViz platform to meet the content management and e-commerce needs of clients around the world. Thinking big is easy with Adobe ColdFusion.

“We’re now attracting larger clients because we are able to offer them a robust, highly secure, and comprehensive solution that is also very agile and customizable,” says Iacovos Zachariades, President and CEO of Global Reach Internet Productions. “Clients also like the fact that we can make changes to solutions in hours instead of days using our concise, self-contained application modules.”

GlobalReach has used ColdFusion for nearly 20 years, relying on the modularity of the platform to keep coding simple while supporting high performance and reliability in its applications.

“Since Global Reach implemented Adobe ColdFusion in 2000, we’ve never considered another development framework,” says Zachariades. “Adobe maintains ColdFusion so well that we think we’ll always accomplish more work with less effort than we could with other programming languages.”

Indeed, Global Reach will upgrade to Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise (2018 release) as it moves forward with plans to launch a high-availability infrastructure for the SiteViz platform. Building on clusters of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise servers, along with servers for caching, database, firewall, and load balancing, Global Reach is poised to scale its business with standalone web solutions for larger customers with more advanced digital presences.

“Adobe’s security track record with ColdFusion is excellent. We fully intend to use it for future releases of our SiteViz platform,” says Zachariades. “With each release, ColdFusion becomes faster, more stable, and more secure—foundations that give us confidence in the integrity of everything we build.”

Global Reach uses Adobe ColdFusion to extend its reach and scale, accommodating clients’ advanced web development needs. Learn more.