Master Character Animation with Samurai Steve!

by Erica Schisler

posted on 07-22-2019

Samurai Steve is an animation warrior! This puppet has subtle head movements and his determined eyes are made more demonstrative with the addition of eyelid, lashes, and highlights. He has well-defined eyebrows that also add to his expressive face. He also comes with a beautiful background. Download the puppet and background here.

Puppets come to life and have more personality as you master eye animation. The indomitable Okay Samurai recently covered basic eye rigging. His video breaks down four different animated eye setups by walking through a free downloadable example project. You’ll learn about basic eyes, off-centered eyes, eyes with large pupils and a cycle layer blink animation, and finally using eyelids.

The Samurai Steve puppet was designed by award-winning character designer, illustrator, motion graphics artist, and web designer: Kevin McMahon. His clients include Stanford University, Trader Joe’s, and USA Track and Field. Kevin also creates content for “Design Dojo”, a design education initiative serving educators and students worldwide with posters, videos, and other resources.

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Want to learn more about using Character Animator? Here you go!

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