Our Adobe India interns look back at their summer

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 07-25-2019

Contributed by Ajit Kumar, Adobe India talent partner

It was only a handful of weeks ago that Nilay Shrivastava (Tech Intern, Core Technologies) stepped into the sprawling Adobe India campus to begin his much-awaited internship program. Hope, enthusiasm, excitement, tension – he had a thousand emotions running on his mind. Today, just a few days before his internship comes to an end – you can see Nilay smiling vibrantly in the company of his friends and mentors at Adobe, his mind excited with the heap of learnings and opportunities that he’s now equipped with. That’s what we call the ‘Magic of Adobe Life’! Here’s a look back at how Nilay and our other interns got here.

The Journey of how it all begins

For the interns, the journey to their selection is a long one. Every year Adobe India opens its doors for applications from the top institutes of the country, looking to hire interns across teams like Research, Product, Design and Marketing. The interns go through specially curated assessments developed by Adobe engineers, followed by a round of interview. Finally, some of the country’s most innovative, enthusiastic and creative minds are handpicked to be a part of the annual Summer internship program at Adobe in India.

Sharing his experience of being a mentor to the interns, Nikaash Puri (Computer Scientist, Digital Experience) says, “The Adobe Internship Program is not only special for the interns, but also is an amazing learning experience, a novel opportunity for us because of the fantastic energy and diverse perspectives that the interns bring to the organization”.

Projects that accelerate innovation at Adobe

At Adobe, interns are considered a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. Working on business-critical projects under the mentorship of some of the industry’s top thinkers and creators, intern projects have consistently given ground to some of Adobe’s top innovation.

Nipun Jindal (Computer Scientist, Digital Media), who has mentored a number of interns over the years, says, “We anxiously wait for the interns and keep some of the most challenging research problems reserved for them because, in the past, some of our best research outputs have come through their work. I’m always impressed by their levels of engagement, maturity, and knowledge”.

The projects begin with mentors introducing the interns to a unique problem statement to which they are tasked to find the best possible solution within a set time frame. This is followed by of a presentation to senior leadership.

#AdobeLife is as much about fun as it is about challenging work!

Adobe is one of the few companies innovating in almost every area of computer science, which allows us to offer the interns an extremely large canvas to work on. This also makes the program a great value-add to the interns’ college curriculum. Through challenging work and supportive mentors, the internship experience at Adobe ensure students go back to campus feeling like they’ve made meaningful impact. Nilay says, “It’s been an amazing ride at Adobe, and I can honestly say, I’ve learned more through my Summer at Adobe than a whole year at college.”

The opportunities that lie ahead

The internship program culminates with interns presenting their final work to the teams. Navita Goyal (Research Scientist, Core Technologies), who did her internship last year with our Adobe Research Labs and is currently mentoring two interns says, “The best part of the internship at Adobe is getting to select your own research problem after going through a proper innovative and rigorous process. At the end of the internship, the kind of ownership you feel over your problem makes its solution all the more satisfying.”

As the 2019 internship program comes to an end in India, here’s wishing the interns immense success and happiness as they depart from their respective Adobe campuses, with minds full of memories, eyes bright with a sense of accomplishment, hearts filled with humble pride, stepping closer to starting their professional journeys.

Interested in joining us next Summer? Monitor the Adobe Life Blog for information and drop by our career site.

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