Elevate Your UX & Web Design Skills at Adobe MAX

Collaboration is often the key to successful workflows. To help designers address the needs of their day-to-day jobs, we have a track at this year’s Adobe MAX that will showcase how you and your team can collaborate with Adobe XD as you create new experience designs and prototypes.

The UX & Web track focuses on harnessing the power of collaboration in your design process as you share design specs with development teams, scale your team with design systems, and more. Adobe XD helps design teams go from idea to interactive prototype in a fraction of the time.

Regardless of whether you’re new to UX or you’re an experienced UX designer, join us for sessions and labs that will guide you to the future of UX design. Here are a few sessions from the UX & Web Track you won’t want to miss:

Reclaim Time for Creativity and Innovation with a Design System in Adobe XD – Helen Wallace, Creative Director, Deloitte Digital

As the speed and volume of personalized digital experiences and content increases, so too does the need to adopt smart design tools and ways of working. Join Helen Wallace, founding creative director of Deloitte Digital UK, who works with global brands to imagine, deliver, and run agile creative with in-house studios and their ecosystems of agencies. Discover how embracing design systems can enable fluidity between in-house studios and agencies and how design AI can streamline production and increase time for creativity and innovation.

In this session, you’ll learn:

How Switching to Adobe XD Transforms Digital Product and Workflow Pipelines – Erik Norgaard, Creative Director, PublicisSapient

Discover how tech companies are moving to Adobe XD to speed up workflows and how process optimizations can improve overall system design, prototyping, iterations, dev handoffs, time to market, work hours, speed, and quality. Join Erik Norgaard, creative director at Publicis Sapient, as he shares how Publicis Sapient adopted Adobe XD to meet objectives and deliver key results for the luxury automotive brands Acura and Honda, fintech clients, and other digitally-focused companies.

In this fascinating session, you’ll learn:

Building Culture, Collaboration, and Trust Through Design – Hayley Hughes, Design Systems Lead, Airbnb

Design systems can create better experiences for customers and employees alike. But to achieve this goal, you first need to build a culture of trust, openness, and collaboration within your design team — and across your entire business. This is exactly what Airbnb has done. In this session, join Hayley Hughes, design system lead at Airbnb, to hear how inclusivity is core to Airbnb’s design process, whether that means collaborating with product, engineering, legal, and policy teams or designing with and for people with disabilities. Airbnb has built care and compassion in its own backyard and extended this outward to design a product that reflects diverse user experiences.

In this session, Hayley will share:

These are only three of the many sessions, labs and workshops available through the UX & Web track – make sure to check out all the rest here. MAX is fast-approaching and we can’t wait to see you there, so if you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance!