Celeste Menich and Finding a Job Where her Skills Intersect

After years in publishing, Celeste Menich took a job in the UK’s renowned Tate Modern art gallery. She was managing a creative team and enjoyed fascinating work, including a brand refresh of the gallery. Hungry from more branding work, she took a short-term contract for a large nonprofit in London—and that’s when she got the call from Adobe UK.

“I was ready for a career change, and when Adobe called, I knew it would be a huge change,” Celeste says. “I like to learn new things, so the opportunity to expand my skill set sounded fantastic.”

The job at a Adobe, as a Cloud Solutions Consultant, would give Celeste the chance to see how her background in art and her background in publishing might align. The addition of tech was always an interest for Celeste, and Adobe wove together all three.

“I knew and loved the brand, of course, and Adobe is the one brand that everyone in the creative industries knows,” Celeste says. “But I didn’t realize just how much Adobe has managed to expand and reinvent itself over the last 20 years. Adobe is surprisingly quick and agile.”

It’s that agility that attracted Celeste to the job. She’s working on Adobe Stock and learning about all of the different ways in which Adobe will shape the market in the near and long-term future, with technologies like 3D and artificial intelligence. To be a part of that evolution, she says, feels like a once-in-a-career opportunity.

“Adobe has the mentality of a startup, constantly pushing boundaries and doing things differently,” she says. “I’m excited to be a part of it and see where it leads.”

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