Introducing Moodboards on Behance

by The Behance Team

posted on 07-29-2019

Behance is home to millions of creatives who are looking for inspiration for their next project. Today, we’re excited to announce Moodboards, a new way for you to collect and organize inspiration on Behance. With Behance Boards, you can save individual images as well as entire projects into moodboards, and add other Behance members as co-owners to better collaborate and share ideas.

To add an image to a moodboard, hover over the image and click “Add to Moodboard.” Any collections you’ve created in the past will now appear as moodboards, so you can add to an existing moodboard or create a brand new one.

As a part of your existing workflow on Behance, moodboards provide a seamless and collaborative way for you to gather reference material and inspiration for photoshoots, creative brainstorms, and more.

Browse top Behance boards or read more about the new feature on our FAQ.

Topics: News, Art, Design