Robert Filip Charms Us with Bright, Whimsical Illustrations

Image source: Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 08-08-2019

Robert Filip’s vector illustrations are colorful, whimsical, and delightfully complex. His work includes detailed infographics and dream-like characters, from a fishing merman to a gondolier rowing a watermelon.

Image source (left): Adobe Stock / Robert Filip, (right) Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.

We reached Robert at home in Romania to find out more about how he got started as an illustrator and how he stands out in the stock world.

Hi Robert! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

I loved drawing from a young age. As a student all of my notebooks were full of doodles. At the university, my notes were the same — drawings! Only after I started at two universities, but didn’t finish either of them, did I realize I didn’t want to do anything but draw. That is when I started my career as an illustrator.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.

Where do you find your creative inspiration? How do you decide what to create for your stock portfolio?

If I don’t have anything specific to illustrate, I just create something I see around me or stuff I’m interested in, especially the great outdoors, sports, and technology. For stock illustrations, I take a look at what’s trending at the moment.

Image source (left): Adobe Stock / Robert Filip, (right) Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.
Which Adobe tools are your favorites, and why?

I use Adobe in all my work and create my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.

How did you get started as a stock contributor?

I was studying at the university and I needed some extra money to get by. One of my friends did stock at the time and he encouraged me to try it since I could draw. I started learning to draw in vector-based programs and started uploading my work onto stock sites. It was a great feeling when I sold my first image! It was through Fotolia, which is now part of Adobe Stock.

Image source (left): Adobe Stock / Robert Filip, (right) Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.
Do you have any tips for standing out in the stock marketplace?

Upload constantly, keep up with trends and, most importantly, focus on the quality of your illustrations. In my opinion, quality is more important than anything else.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Robert Filip.

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