Creator’s Horoscope — A Leo’s Confidence and Expressive Nature is Their Creative Super Power

A zodiac with the ability to stay engaged in a fast-paced world.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 08-13-2019

“A zodiac with the ability to stay engaged in a fast-paced world.”

Dear Leo, you are often overlooked for the creativity gene – universe, make no mistake – a lion’s confidence and expressive nature is their creative weapon.

You are one of the fierce three (fire zodiac signs). Leo’s naturally possess star quality that speaks loudly and attracts broadly – like the sun.

That kind of confidence and influence would combine well with commercial and editorial Illustration.

Perhaps it would be cliche to mention your superiority in performance. Needless to say, performance is all about the art, technique, and grabbing the attention of others, all necessities for creating art that would appeal to a wide audience.

Leo’s are a zodiac that have the ability to stay engaged in a fast-paced world. You know what’s relevant in the art scene and have a strong affinity for visual art. An illustrator working in the industry of trend always keeps a list handy, making you the ideal person for the job.

On August 11th, you may have felt yourself experiencing a long-awaited itch of inspiration – you can thank the closing of Jupiter retrograde.

With so much positive energy bursting around you, take this time to push yourself a little higher towards that milestone.

Be careful not to over complicate your ideas. It’s okay to stand up for what you love, but remember, collaboration can help support you in the areas you are not so great at.

Tell a story with your art, that’s just as beautiful and powerful as a lion.

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