Q&A with Lifestyle Instagrammer Kelsey in London

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 08-13-2019

At the end of July, we took a group of fabulous fashion photographers on an exclusive photo walk with lifestyle blogger @KelseyInLondon.

Armed with their cameras and phones, they joined Kelsey in sunny Notting Hill where they took in the sights of one of West London’s most popular districts, then learnt how to edit the snaps they’d taken using Lightroom.

We caught up with Kelsey afterwards to hear more about how she goes about creating the stunning content she posts on her Instagram.

Q: What was the thinking behind the location you chose for the photo walk?

A: Notting Hill is one of my favourite areas of London. The bohemian borough oozes photography inspiration and holds a special place in so many people’s hearts as the location for the classic British rom com of the same name.

It is one of my favourite areas to take photos because there is so much variety. From rainbow streets, cute cafes and the seasonal blossoms of wisteria, it’s so easy to wander around and find a location that’s perfect for your Instagram look.

Q: Where did you stop on the photo walk and why?

A: We began our stroll at Wild at Heart, a florist in the heart of Notting Hill. It’s always bursting with colour and makes for a picture-perfect backdrop. I love the quirky neon sign there and the rows of vibrant bouquets!

We then made our way over to Lancaster Road, which is instantly recognisable due to its rainbow-hued houses. This street is such an iconic Notting Hill shot. There are so many different houses you can choose from, depending on your outfit, or mood – I find it’s best to choose a house which contrasts with your outfit. This makes the colours pop and provides a richer palette for your image, giving you more to play with when editing in Lightroom.

We finished up at Biscuiteers, a luxury biscuit boutique. The storefront looks like a fairy tale and has a monotone colour scheme so provided a good contrast to all the colour we’d seen during the rest of the walk. We even popped in for a quick drink and bite to eat. Even something as seemingly everyday as this is an Instagram opportunity.

When taking café shots, I live by the rule that ‘more is more.’ Order a coffee AND a cake – treat yourself! And use these as props in your photo. This can result in a more candid and natural-looking pose. The attention-grabbing colours of bright food items against rich coffee can create a dynamic contrast, bringing an afternoon snack break to life.

Q: After a busy day taking pictures, how do you then go about making them work for your Instagram channel?

A: I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my favourite shots. The Healing Brush is great for removing any unwanted objects and achieving a more polished image, for example making stairs appear smoother or getting rid of gum stains on the pavement.

I use Color Mixer to create different effects by editing the hue of an image. You can make vibrant colours even brighter or take the opposite approach and make the colours more muted for a subtler effect.

Q: How do you get all the shots on your Instagram page looking the same in terms of the hue and colours used?

A: I’m all about the presets! Once you’ve got a look you like in Lightroom you can save the edits as a preset, and apply them to the rest of your photos. This helps create a distinct, consistent look that’ll give your Instagram its own recognisable identity and really make it pop!

Kelsey has shared more of her tips as part of our latest Lightroom Stories** series. She has also created a seasonal preset inspired by her signature rose gold edit which is available to download and use to enhance your own images.**

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