Adobe Becomes Broadest Certified Signature Service Provider in the UAE

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-14-2019

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the federal telecommunications regulatory agency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has granted Adobe the broadest certification for e-signatures in the country. Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign are now the first and only services in the UAE that are certified for both electronic signatures and digital signatures, the most advanced, compliant, and secure type of electronic signature.

In the UAE, an electronically signed document isn’t legally binding if it’s not signed using a certified signature service. Now, Adobe customers that do business with UAE citizens and organizations can quickly and easily send documents for signature that are compliant with TRA regulations. They will now have the highest levels of assurance about the signers’ identities and the authenticity of the documents. Highly regulated Industries in the UAE including bio-pharma, financial services, government, and global enterprises will benefit from the certification that assures the highest level of compliance when conducting business digitally in the Emirates.

Adobe’s certification in the UAE is the latest example of our continued work to comply with the most demanding legal and regulatory requirements worldwide. For years, Acrobat DC and Sign have helped ensure that businesses worldwide can comply with the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), a single, standardized framework for accepting electronic identifies and signatures across all EU member states. Adobe also continues driving the mainstream adoption of digital signatures by helping lead the Cloud Signature Consortium, the group of industry leaders and academic organizations committed to building an open standard for cloud-based digital signatures for web and mobile.

More and more businesses today are driving their national regulatory agencies to endorse the best, most secure digital experiences for customers, employees, and partners that do business with the country. The certification of Adobe in the UAE is an example of where the digital transformation of business is headed on a global scale. It will be critical to give everyone access to the most secure digital signature services across a full range of applications and devices worldwide.

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