Start Signing Contracts Like a Boss

Get contracts executed in seconds with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign.

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-15-2019

Picture this: you’re a sought-after interior designer, dazzling customers at every turn. Your latest client was so impressed by your kitchen remodel plans that you got a “yes” before you even got to the smart fridge. Pretty “cool,” huh?

It’s clear you’re a total boss when it comes to running your small business. The only challenge: you’ve got the verbal commitment, but you don’t have a final contract signed and executed. No problem, you’ll tackle that when you get back to the office. But wait… you aren’t going back to the office. You’re going to another walk-through, then a pitch, then dinner with potential clients. How can you keep projects moving forward for everyone on your growing client list while staying on top of your demanding schedule?

Putting paper to pen isn’t so simple

It’s a common challenge for doers in every niche. While it may seem simple, the time it takes to prepare, send, and finalize a contract can be a total momentum killer. Then consider what happens if clients have edits, or they want to share the plan with their contractor or attorney.

This isn’t an isolated example. Document challenges account for 21.3% of productivity losses, and on average it takes eight days to get a paper contract signed and returned. Eight days!

What seemed so simple — getting this contract out the door and signed — is suddenly stifling the creative process and your booming business. Soon enough, the excitement and enthusiasm that accompanied that initial “yes” starts to wane, and now you’re chasing down signatures instead of doing what you do best. It’s slow, it’s tedious, and it’s not a great experience for you or your customers.

Enter Adobe Sign, a core component of Adobe Document Cloud. Whether you’re using Adobe Sign for small business, Acrobat DC, or Acrobat Reader, your business can route, edit, and execute contracts on the fly, from any device, any time. This intuitive feature makes it easy to sign on the dotted line and get back to business, saving precious hours and delivering a better customer experience in the process.

Simple document signing step by step

Back to the kitchen design and the moment you earned an eager “yes” on your wow-worthy plan. Now, instead of waiting until you’re back in the office to finalize and send the contract, you can simply pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop and make it official on the spot.

So long, (traditional) signatures

Integrating Adobe Sign is a simple way to streamline your business and create all-around better experiences for you and your customers. But that’s just the beginning.

Customers report saving $11 per document — no paper, no printing, no ink, no postage — as well as 21 times faster sales cycles and 1.3 hours of time saved over manual signature processes. That contract that would have taken eight days to get back now takes just three hours, on average.

Whether you’re in the office or constantly on the go, you’ll have executed contracts that are ready to move on and finalize — and you haven’t missed a beat or lost an ounce of momentum. Ready to get started on the next project? You got it, boss.

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