270 New Fonts That Will Make Your Designs Sing

New additions to the Adobe Fonts library are included with Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Illustration of documents with different fonts.

by Yves Peters

posted on 08-19-2019

Does summer sound like music to your ears? 270 new fonts provide the perfect typographic soundtrack. No new foundries in this update, but big batches of new fonts from Canada Type and Device Fonts. Fontpartners, JTD Type, Mark Simonson, Mostardesign, Northern Block, OH no Type Co, psType, Sudtipos, and XYZ Type all add one or a few typefaces each.

A dozen captivating typefaces from Canada Type

Toronto-based Canada Type brings a mix of original designs and historical revivals, many by Canadian type designers.

An example of text in Gibson type.

Gibson now has twice as many weights for even more fine-grained control over the darkness of your text.

An update and expansion of the popular Gibson, a sturdy and contemporary humanist sans serif for general use, leads the pack in this batch. Gibson’s four core weights and matching italics were fine-tuned, and four new weights were added. A much-requested, delicate Thin and a very dark Heavy at both extremes expand the expressive range, and the intermediary Book and Medium weights allow you to tailor the grey value of your text to perfection.

Illustration of symbols looks like a video game.

Video captures the charm of old-school arcade games in five weights and two widths. The fonts feature many alternates and symbols, and support Latin Extended, Cyrillic, and Greek.

The word ROMA in different fonts.

Create the illusion of engraved type by combining Roma Fill, Solid, and Outline.

On the display front, Canada Type treats us with a variety of fresh options. If you like a relaxed, joyful comic book look, Captain Comic caters to your casual all-caps lettering needs, while Marvin’s bouncy painted capitals radiate pure fun. Just as fun yet visually the polar opposite, the square Video, inspired by arcade game alphabets, is drawn solely with straight lines. Similarly blocky but based on types from centuries prior, Leather is a contemporary interpretation of the blackletter model. We go even further back in time to find the source material for Roma, a precise sans serif rendering of the Trajan capitals with several decorative variants. Inspired by the old sky-high vertical sign of Seattle’s Hotel Vintage, Vintage Deco’s chic, pliable capitals channel the late-1950s idea of futuristic type.

Examples of different Kumlient fonts.

Kumlien is tailored for elegant newspaper headlines and refined magazine titles with a vintage touch.

Examples of text in different Salden fonts.

Recreate the expert hand lettering of legendary Dutch graphic artist Helmut Salden with Salden, a collection of six hand-drawn alphabets inspired by his book cover designs.

The elongated all-caps sans Gala, an interpretation of the 1935 Niebolo typeface Neon, comes in four weights and three widths, plus a variety of trendy finishes. Kumlien revives and expands a 1943 design by famed Swedish calligrapher, typographer, graphic designer, type designer, and artist Akke Kumlien — a calligraphic serif face with a 1930s-’40s European deco aesthetic. You will probably recognize Neil Bold’s cool, constructed letterforms from Hank Mobley’s iconic album sleeve on Blue Note Records. Taboo’s long, compressed letterforms draw on Armenian lettering artist Fred Africkian’s magnificent geometric experiments from the late 1970s. Salden is a collection of calligraphic lettering fonts based on the exquisite book cover designs by Helmut Salden, whose oeuvre is considered essential in 20th century Dutch design history.

Delightful display faces from Device Fonts

Rian Hughes’ nine typefaces newly added to your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription display his trademark pop sensibility. While most of his designs originate from his seemingly bottomless imagination, four of these new typefaces are also steeped in history.

Examples of Freehouse, Worthington Arcade, and Gravesend Sans fonts.

Freehouse, Worthington Arcade, and Gravesend Sans are contemporary interpretations of quintessentially British alphabets.

With smooth, eroded letterforms, Freehouse interprets the well-remembered logo of the Watney’s brewery and pub chain in Regular, Wide, and Rough finish. Inspired by the iconic grass-green signage for the U.K.’s Southern Railway, the all-caps Gravesend Sans will make your titles and headlines look smart and classy. Impetus’ powerful geometric capitals echo the angular Deco or Italian Futurist “moderne” forms, with solid and inline variants that can be used separately or layered. The vintage-looking Worthington Arcade is a distinguished caps-only display serif loosely based on hand-painted architectural lettering of the ’30s to the ’50s.

Examples of different Device Fonts.

Device Fonts come in exciting finishes and loaded with interesting extras, like Carilliantine’s interlocking capitals and ligatures, and Urbane Adscript’s swash variants.

Carilliantine’s organic curves and high waist lend the Art Nouveau-inspired design elegance and class. An extensive collection of two- and three-letter ligatures and flourishes allow for sophisticated typesetting. Salvation captures the joyful, boisterous charm of letters cut in potatoes, but in digital form so you don’t get your fingers all messy. Three versions of each letter guarantee an authentic random appearance. Make sure to use the block sans Vektra big to showcase the cross-hatched tonal effect created by the stripes of different density. The same recommendation applies to Zipline, whose angular geometric letters look like they were formed by folding ribbon, to appreciate its striped and half-solid variants fully. The monoline semi-linking Urbane Adscript joins the Urbane superfamily consisting of Urbane, Urbane Rounded, and Urbane Rough. Identical vertical dimensions and weights allow mixing and matching.

Superfamilies from Fontpartners and Sudtipos

Superfamilies are collections of type families that share the same design, allowing an expansive breadth of typographic expression within a single cohesive concept.

Illustration of text in Frontpartners fonts.

With their C series, Fontpartners introduce condensed versions of all the typefaces in their Kobenhavn suite.

From Scandinavia, Fontpartners further expands their smooth, good-natured Kobenhavn super family with space-saving variants. Kobenhavn C and Kobenhavn C Stencil are the condensed counterparts for the wide semi-serif Kobenhavn (originally designed as a tribute to the Danish capital) and its Stencil sibling, respectively. Kobenhavn CS is a condensed version of Kobenhavn Sans.

Example of Address Sans' fonts.

Address Sans’ squarish design lends itself to contemporary design. However, activating the Stylistic Sets has the typeface family acquire a groovy sixties air.

While they are best known for their flamboyant and eclectic script fonts, Argentinian foundry Sudtipos also does “serious” type design. Address Sans is a sans serif in eight upright and italic weights in regular, Condensed and Extended widths, for a total of 48 styles. Straight sides and tense curves lend the family a modern look.

Single typeface updates from XYZ Type, psType, JTD Type, and Mostardesign

Aglet and Campaign join the ranks of the type systems: collections of typefaces built on the same skeleton but with different finishes, for example, serif and sans, or angular and rounded.

Examples of Aglet Sans fonts.

Aglet Sans square letterforms and rounded stroke endings give the typeface a unique appearance.

Combining mechanical and organic qualities in a single design, Aglet Sans is the sans serif counterpart to Aglet Slab. With this new variant, XYZ Type created a harmonious mini-suite of matching typefaces that can also both stand on their own (rounded) feet.

Examples of Campaign Slab fonts.

Campaign Slab’s confident, chunky characters shapes create vibrant titles and headlines, and punchy short text passages.

Ps Type’s Campaign Slab is the original Campaign’s slab-serif sibling. The duo becomes a type system of coordinated display faces with a subtle retro touch that combine flawlessly but can also be used independently.

Examples of Array fonts.

Array is an exciting interpretation of typewriter models, with variants optimized for coding and for traditional typesetting.

JTD Type offers Array — an incisive take on the typewriter genre — in two versions: Mono for a genuine typewriter feel and Proportional for improved spacing and reading comfort.

Examples of text in Ariana fonts.

Ariana’s 18 styles have fun little design details that set the typegface apart from other general purpose sans serifs.

Mostardesign’s Ariana is a versatile geometric sans serif with a generous body and large x-height in nine weights with matching italics.

Expansions, updates, and new fonts from OH no Type Co and Mark Simonson

Example of OH no Type Co's fonts.

OH no Type Co’s new additions to your Adobe CC subscription display James T. Edmonson signature ingenuity, exuberance, and attention to detail.

Type & Media graduate James T. Edmonson, on the one hand, is an exciting new voice in typeface design, creating fonts with distinct personalities since 2015. Ohno Blazeface, his striking display serif face in nine optical sizes (variations drawn for specific type sizes), was augmented with exuberant, curvaceous italics. If you like your scripts narrow with soft stroke endings, you can’t go wrong with Coniferous, an upright, subtly retro design in six weights. The jovial sans serif Covik Sans with its signature angular inner shapes acquired a Mono variant for coding in style.

Examples of Refrigerator Deluxe fonts.

Refrigerator Deluxe lends your text a strong, confident look.

Mark Simonson, on the other hand, is an established name with decades of experience under his belt. He updated two of his typefaces and expanded them with new styles. His classic-looking serif display face Goldenbook received three additional weights on the bold side of the spectrum, while the block-style sans Refrigerator Deluxe now goes to Extra Bold. If you do multiscript typesetting, you’ll be happy to hear both typefaces now also fully support Cyrillic.

New typefaces from The Northern Block

Examples of Moret fonts.

Moret looks great in a wide range of display applications, from posters and covers to branding and advertising.

Finally, British foundry The Northern Block brings two new typefaces to your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Inspired by 20th century European sign painting, the narrow serif display face Moret exudes a warm, nostalgic atmosphere. Tomarik and Tomarik Display are two varied collections of hand-drawn fonts that will lend your designs a casual and trendy outdoorsy appeal.

Put some rhythm into your designs and let them swing with these new additions. Best of all, these summer delights are already included in your Creative Cloud subscription. And don’t forget to check their language support, as some of the new entries’ character sets include the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets on top of Latin Extended.

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