Made Here: Collaboration Over 7000km Apart

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 08-20-2019

We know that great ideas can happen anywhere, and, with Adobe’s suite of mobile apps, great work can too. To showcase the possibilities of creating anytime, any place, we tasked designers, photographers, content creators, and illustrators to show how they can create whenever illustration strikes.

This included partnering up a range of creators to collaborate across different mediums to create something truly unique and different to anything they have done before. You can see how our crew of photographers and illustrators brought sketches to life here.

For Martina Martian and Pazut Wutigornsombatkul, we wanted to pair two of our favorite illustrators from other sides of the world and with totally different styles to see what they could create. Martina focuses on very bright sketches and animations which has seen her partner with Instagram and Snapchat for exclusive stickers and GIFs, whereas Pazut, aka Tuagom Studio, has a softer pallet for his signature characters Tuagom and Bingsu.

Despite their visually different styles, the pair found commonality in their tone — they are both about creating art that makes people feel better.

“Because we have such different styles, Pazut and I decided to focus on what our work had in common thematically instead, and found that we had both created artworks focusing on the idea of slowing down and taking the pressure off in our daily lives,” Martina said.

They then combined both of their staples — Pazut’s characters and Martina’s typography — using one of her quotes, “It’s okay not to do it all,” to create this piece using both Photoshop as well as Adobe’s new painting and drawing app Fresco.

“To collaborate across oceans with Pazut so seamlessly was a true testament to the ease of creating in the digital age with Adobe tools,” Martina said. “I experimented with a few different text style options at home in Sydney, finally drawing a whimsical fun piece of text in Adobe Fresco (my go-to app of choice) which I thought would go well with Pazut’s cute characters.”

From Thailand, Pazut worked on Martina’s vector piece in Photoshop, adding his own illustrations and characters over the top. Their effortless collaboration continued as he sent his files over to Martina while travelling in the south of Italy to make some final adjustments to the color and layout so that their styles would blend harmoniously in the final piece.

“I’m super pleased with the result — it is SO different to anything I’ve created before! We shared it as a wallpaper for our audiences online to screenshot and use on their own devices, so that our artwork travels even further,” Martina said.

We have different styles, use raster versus vectors, use different programs, and live in different cities — and yet we were able to collaborate completely seamlessly!”

See more from Martina Martian on Instagram and see more from Pazut’s characters Tuagom and Bingsu on their Instagram page.

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