Made Here: Fusing Opposite Worlds

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 08-20-2019

In recent weeks we have been partnering up a range of creatives across different mediums, locations, and aesthetics to show that great work can happen anywhere. In the studio or by the seafront, Adobe’s suite of mobile apps and Creative Cloud Libraries can empower you to create and collaborate from anywhere.

Whether that’s combining photographers and illustrators or pairing contrasting illustrators from other sides of the world, we have seen some fantastic artworks that truly break boundaries.

The third in the series, this post explores how we not only challenged artists across different locations and mediums but how they created something that marries their extremely different styles. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do.

Mark Conlan and Rames Harikrishnasamy

Melbourne’s Mark Conlan and Kuala Lumpur’s Rames Harikrishnasamy are both atmospheric concept artists driven to tell stories — but that’s where their similarities end. Rames is known for his exceptional Hindu mythological storytelling via transformative digital composition of photographs, whereas Mark tells stories through his vibrant illustrations featuring rich color palettes, focusing on a range of storylines from nature to Greek mythology.

They met for the first time at Adobe Symposium, discussing various concepts of how they could blend their very different styles together, concepting their ideas into Adobe Sketch where they landed on telling the story of Lord Shiva in deep meditation.

They then went their separate ways, setting up a collective library where they could work on their specific sections in Photoshop while accessing each other’s files, ensuring their palettes and types were aligned.

Mark finished his illustrations and sent them over to Rames, ensuring each element was on a separate layer for Rames to easily add his touches so that there was both a signature Mark Conlan-style illustration as well as a Rames masterpiece, incorporating Mark’s sketches into the skyline.

The guys were featured on a special episode of our weekly Adobe Live show to discuss their approach.

CJ Roblue and Jeryl Tan

Singapore photographer Jeryl and Korean illustrator CJ Roblue had a pretty crystal-clear idea of what they wanted to do together when they met — create a piece so vibrant and colorful you cannot tell if you’re looking at a photo or illustration!

They took one of Jeryl’s more popular spots in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, and took a picture that CJ could replicate and sketch. Using Lightroom and Adobe Sketch they would edit colors and do some tracking, before making additional lighting adjustments in Photoshop while maintaining a dialogue the entire time. When the static pieces were complete, Jeryl converted to a video that flips between photo and sketch, and then a mixture of sketch in phone and photo in sketch!

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