H4B Chelsea Gives Healthcare Brands a Dose of Innovation and Creativity

H4B Chelsea.

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 08-21-2019

The whole notion of healthcare is changing—options for care, where and how services are accessed, and other factors—all combining to reset people’s expectations of what quality healthcare looks like. In response, health and wellness brands are reimagining experiences for patients and consumers by offering more personalized, easier-to-access care and information.

That’s where healthcare and wellness communications agency H4B Chelsea excels. Based in New York City, H4B Chelsea is the creative flagship of Paris-based Havas’ healthcare division.

“We deliver creative, experiential strategies to help healthcare brands truly connect with customers, and that requires shifting from traditional ads to more integrated customer experiences,” says Beth Sabbatini, Executive Creative Director at H4B Chelsea. “It’s so much more than bringing a new treatment to market. It’s about bringing brands to life and helping people understand how a company and a particular treatment can improve their lives.”

For instance, a few years back, H4B Chelsea launched a crowd-sourced innovation challenge for Pfizer for women living with metastatic breast cancer and their doctors. It brought in entries ranging from community oncologists to a team from NASA. For another project, the agency partnered with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company for Bristol-Myers Squibb, orchestrating a multi-channel campaign around an original Ailey dance created for World AIDS Day.

H4B Chelsea is also a leader in adopting new creative technologies to innovate for its clients. The agency has recently started using Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Adobe Stock. By adding these tools to an already creative environment, the agency aims to empower more employees to use video to innovate and boost efficiency, and bring static concepts to life for clients even faster.

Visualizing web and mobile experiences

Communicating creative ideas requires both art and science, and H4B Chelsea is always looking for ways to improve the way it presents its work to clients. The agency started using Adobe XD to facilitate those conversations with clients and better simulate the vision of the final experience.

“A client wanted us to deliver a website and mobile build very quickly, and we decided to just jump in with Adobe XD,” says Sabbatini. “In our first client presentation, we showed three working prototypes with simple animations. The client pointed to an animation and said, ‘I want this one.’ That animation made it to the final product.”

H4B Chelsea is still in the early stages with Adobe XD, but one of the agency’s clients already sees the potential of XD and wants all their brands to begin using it.

The power of video in every employee’s hands

Video also plays a powerful role at H4B Chelsea, as the agency offers clients professional video production services. But it’s not always practical or cost-effective to start a full-blown video campaign. The agency recently hosted an Adobe Creative Jam to introduce employees to Adobe Premiere Rush.

“Each team received a set of words related to our work and culture at H4B Chelsea. Their task was to interpret these words through video, tying them together to make a story,” says Sabbatini. “The results were incredible.”

The videos that employees produced far exceeded Sabbatini’s expectations, especially given that they were shot and edited in three hours. Since then, people keep asking when the next Creative Jam will happen.

By using Adobe Premiere Rush, H4B Chelsea can extend the power of video beyond the production studio to allow for quicker execution on projects such as internal training videos.

“Adobe Premiere Rush complements our main video production studio,” says Sabbatini. “We can use it to create a storyboard or rough cut before we hand off a project, which gives the video production team a clearer idea of what we want and saves a lot of time.”

Sabbatini sees the tool as a stepping stone toward more imaginative and advanced video projects. “Our employees are savvy, and they will likely want to start experimenting with Adobe Premiere Pro as well.”

During the Creative Jam, teams experimented with using Adobe Stock to add b-roll and additional footage to their videos. H4B Chelsea employees will soon get to incorporate Stock into their workflows, as Havas Health is rolling out Adobe Stock to all of its agencies.

With its culture of creativity and innovation, H4B Chelsea is opening up new possibilities in the work it delivers to clients, helping them build compelling customer experiences that are changing the face of healthcare.

H4B Chelsea delivers innovative, experiential work to healthcare clients using Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe XD, and [_Adobe Stock](https://stock.adobe.com/).

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