Stock Content Call: Welcoming Autumn

by The Adobe Stock Team

Posted on 08-21-2019

Adobe Stock customers are getting ready to transition into autumn – from comforting dishes and family gatherings to fresh countryside. We encourage you to upload your seasonal content to the Contributor Portal and are here to guide you what customers are looking for.

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Outward bound

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Top travel destinations

These destinations are among the most popular ones to travel in autumn, for scenery, food, festivals, and culture:

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Indoor autumn feasts

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Important dates in autumn

September to November is the time to join in festivities around the world. A look into families gathering at home or masses celebrating in the streets through the eyes of a creative like yourself can broaden the perception of customers from various cultures. Make sure to highlight different locations, generations, and ethnicities in your work.

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Back to school

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Autumn fashion

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Shooting tips

Submissions tips

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Need a little inspiration? See our fall collection on Adobe Stock here.

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