Adobe Joins the Technology Coalition Board

by Kenneth Brent Villa

posted on 09-03-2019

After serving as the Technology Coalition’s Vice President for one year and taking a more active role in the Technology Coalition’s recruiting efforts, I’m honored to be joining the organization’s board representing Adobe.

Adobe is a proud member of the Technology Coalition, an industry group comprised of tech industry leaders who specialize in online child safety issues. The Coalition’s vision is to use industry collaboration to help eradicate online child sexual exploitation through three core areas of focus:

  1. Mentorship by helping emerging and established companies enhance their efforts to detect and report child sexual exploitation
  2. Information sharing by promoting successful practices for the tech industry to follow in its fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
  3. Facilitating tech solutions by partnering with other nonprofits to fund and advise on the development of tooling infrastructure to help Internet Service Providers scale their review operations and improve their detection capabilities

As a board member, Adobe will have the opportunity to continue supporting the industry further by helping to set the strategic direction for this key organization and exploring investment in new industry safety initiatives. In the coming year, Adobe will work alongside other Technology Coalition members to continue enhancing industry’s detection and reporting capabilities, communicate industry’s contributions to this space, expand the Tech Coalition’s reach internationally, and guide emerging companies who are new to the problem of CSAM.

Adobe recognizes that helping eradicate CSAM content is a shared goal and responsibility across the industry. We value the opportunity to continue to partner with the Technology Coalition and its members to achieve this goal, and we recognize that industry has an immense opportunity to make significant progress on this issue. Adobe is committed to helping ensure these combined efforts prevent future harm to children and make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

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