Showcase your Spark Video in your Spark Page

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by Chris Converse

posted on 09-04-2019

Adobe Spark Page allows you to load video from a variety of sources, including videos you create with Spark Video!

Adding video to a Spark Page

Spark Page offers a unique and easy workflow for creating elegant, interactive web pages. Simply import images, type in your story, and even include video — all without writing one line of code. And the best part is that the web pages created with Spark Page work in any modern web browser across any web-enabled device. Within your Spark Page content, click the plus button (+) and choose video to begin adding video to your page (see Figure 1).

Retrieve the public URL for your video from either YouTube, Vimeo, or Spark Video, and enter it into the URL field in the video dialog box. Spark Page will do the rest.

Accessing a Spark Video project within Spark Page

Spark Video does for video what Spark Pages does for web pages — it simplifies the workflow for combining videos and text together without the need for high-end video editing applications (as shown in Figure 2).

Using a slide metaphor, Spark Video gives you a familiar framework in which to create custom videos (as shown in Figure 3) for use on any social media channels, as projections in your trade show booths, in your next corporate presentations, or even as a video element within your Spark Page project.

Once you are happy with your Spark video, it is time to generate a public URL that can be used within Spark Page. Click on the share button at the top of the browser window, then click the copy button. Switch to Spark Page and paste the URL into the URL field (mentioned earlier in this article). Click save and preview your Spark Page project that now contains your video from Spark Video.

Watch a step-by-step demo of this workflow in an e-learning webinar

Learn to create engaging, interactive content in minutes with Spark Page. Import photos, add text and video, and create amazing user-controlled transitions in no time with Spark Page. This amazing platform allows you to “tell your story” with an easy-to-use and engaging interactive authoring tool.

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