Create Animated Titles Using Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere Rush

by Chris Converse

posted on 09-06-2019

Adobe Premiere Rush is an easy-to-use app that lets you shoot, edit, and share high-quality online videos. And you can make your videos look even more amazing by adding professionally designed Motion Graphics templates that fit your story or match your personal brand.

Browsing for Motion Graphics templates

There are a few ways to find Motion Graphics templates (.mogrt files) in your Adobe Creative Cloud apps. The first way is to browse Templates in Adobe Stock using keywords like “titles,” “animation,” or “motion.” You can even combine keywords, like “animated charts” or “motion clouds,” to find interesting options.

The second way to search for Motion Graphics templates is by going directly through Premiere Rush or Premiere Pro. Both apps offer a built-in panel that allows you to quickly search Adobe Stock. And in Premiere Rush, you can also find Motion Graphics templates under the Titles panel in the main toolbar.

When you find a template you like in the Premiere Rush Titles panel, click the small cloud icon to license and download it. Once you do, the template will appear in the Your Styles tab of the Titles panel.

Adding a title to your video

Once you have the template you want in the Your Styles tab, just drag it to the Premiere Rush timeline to add it to your video. While each template offers a variety of properties you can edit, most allow you to edit text, font sizes, colors, and alignment.

In the example above, a title has been added to identify Julie Rose as the featured Latté Artist in our video about Fresh Brewed Coffee in Cleveland, Ohio. Double-click the text over the video to edit it, and open the Edit tab in the Titles panel to access additional properties. Once you’ve finished making your edits, simply click the Play button to preview your animated title.

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