Adobe and DrFirst Help Every Minute Count for Patient Care

by Bill Bedsworth

posted on 09-10-2019

When it comes to healthcare, every minute counts, especially when a stack of forms needs to be signed to guide an important clinical decision or even save a life. Today, Adobe and DrFirst are teaming up to add crucial e-signature capabilities, powered by Adobe Sign, to the DrFirst Secure Messaging Platform, the first mobile product for healthcare that features e-signatures. ****

The relationship between doctors and patients involves multiple signatures over time for everything from caregiver consent to treat a patient to insurance information release forms. Now, with Adobe Sign integrated into the Backline Secure Messaging Platform from DrFirst, providers can notify a patient, a caregiver, or another clinician with a short text message that those documents need to be signed. They simply click on a link in the text message that takes them to a secure site where they can access, review, and sign those documents. The whole process is paperless and fully HIPPA compliant with the highest levels of privacy and security. Patients no longer have to spend their time in the doctor’s office filling out countless forms, and providers can focus on safer, higher quality care at lower costs.

Patients and providers shouldn’t have to worry about mounds of paperwork, making sure everyone is talking to each other, or keeping information private. Whether it’s a quick visit to a doctor, getting a prescription refilled, or a trip to the ER, every interaction matters. Doctors and patients want better ways of receiving, managing, and sending sensitive information. According to a recent survey from DrFirst, more than 90 percent of respondents want to be able to communicate through secure text messaging with their care teams.

With the right technology, healthcare teams can have more meaningful, secure interactions with their colleagues and patients no matter where they are. The integration of Adobe Sign into DrFirst’s Backline Secure Messaging Platform is a first for healthcare, helping providers and clinicians save those precious minutes for patient care, not paperwork.

For more information about Adobe Sign and DrFirst, visit here. To learn more about Adobe and digital healthcare, visit here.

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