Empowering Every Voice at Adobe

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 09-10-2019

Everyone has a story to share, and here at Adobe, we take pride in empowering the voices of our employees. Our employees bring with them unique backgrounds, interesting talents and hobbies, different career paths and passions. And all of these are a part of who they are. From their most difficult challenges, to their greatest achievements, to the lessons they’ve learned, our employees want to inspire and build a diverse community of connections through their compelling stories.

As we head into our second annual Adobe For All Summit, we’re taking the time to highlight some of our employees who wanted to share their story. Here’s what they had to say.

“I was 4 months pregnant and working at another company when I interviewed for a senior role with Adobe. It was a risk to be open about it with the hiring VP, but I felt it was important to be genuine. I ended up getting the role – and progressing 3 times in 5 years. I’m passionate about dispelling myths about working parenthood.”

– Erica Fensom, Director, Global Campaign – Experience Business

“As a queer, Cambodian refugee, the odds were definitely not in my favor. In spite of war, poverty, homophobia and discrimination, I’m privileged and grateful to be where I am today: living my best life which includes the opportunity to do so honestly, authentically and intersectionally.”

– Ty Lim, Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations Privacy, Trust & Safety

“As a woman of color in tech, it took me years to realize that it is OK not to fit in. In fact, it is good to have a different perspective, question the stereotypes and, in general, bring a new color to the table.”

– Nargol Rezvani, Senior Data Scientist

“Stay patient sometimes life comes back around and you will be that much more grateful you did. I love working for a company that empowers me to bring diverse thoughts and ideas, and allows me to be myself.”

– Sloan Russell, Senior Business Development Representative

“I am the first in my family (both sides) to graduate from college – summa cum laude – and I work for one of the most prestigious tech companies in Silicon Valley. I am a story in resiliency, rising above the odds to show the world and the community what’s possible.”

– Alex Rodriguez, Talent Development Consultant

“After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I wanted to hide my chronic illness so nobody would hold it against me – a common pattern. For many, work-related fears are centered on losing an opportunity, project or new role if anyone finds out. Together, we can change the narrative.”

– Ginamarie Marsaia, Marketing Specialist

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