Enhancing the Careers and Lives of our Employees

by Rosemary Arriada-Keiper

posted on 09-12-2019

Today we’re hosting our Adobe For All Summit – a one-day global event dedicated to diversity and inclusivity where we come together as a community and celebrate what makes us unique. We also use the time to share updates with our employees on programs and initiatives that focus on fair opportunity and compensation.

Opportunity parity

Earlier this year, we announced that we were setting our sights on an initiative we call opportunity parity — something we view as the next challenge to create parity and fairness among employees — focusing on the fairness of promotions and horizontal movement across demographic groups.

Since that time, we’ve worked hard to build a model of how to define and measure opportunity parity and provide a baseline for our work moving forward. Today, we are proud to share that our fiscal year-to-date promotion rates are 13.6% for women and 13.9% for men. In the U.S., the promotion rate is 13.5% for white employees and 13.2% for non-white employees. We define a promotion as an employee moving up one or more job levels; moving from an individual contributor role to a manager role; or moving to a salaried position. We are still building a model to accurately track all the ways that employees move horizontally inside the company but have established some definitions. We will share more updates on these definitions and the tracking of them as they are solidified.

We feel very good about our baseline findings as both comparisons show a nominal difference of 0.3%. Knowing that the high-level numbers are comparable gives us a good foundation as we examine our practices in more depth moving forward.

We also found that Adobe’s overall global promotion rate of 13.8% is ahead of the industry benchmark of 10% as indicated by Aon/Radford which is a positive indicator that our employees are advancing in their careers and taking on new opportunities.

Pay parity

We’ve also put a lot of effort and focus into achieving global gender pay parity, which we first announced in October 2018. Today, we’re proud to share that we are reaffirming global gender pay parity. In addition, as a core element of our pay parity work, we analyzed pay for employees in the same job and location and made a small number of adjustments to employees’ pay based on that review. The global pay adjustments made this year impacted less than 2% of Adobe employees and less than 0.05% of global payroll costs.

Family benefits

Families are an extension of all of us, and the definition of family continues to evolve. Some of us are born into families, and some of us choose whom we call family, and this is such a powerful thing. We are proud to support employees who are pursuing parenthood. In 2015, we announced our six-month paid parental leave, fertility, and adoption assistance benefits, and have been inspired by many of our employees’ recent experiences with these benefits to expand our offering.

Today, we’re announcing enhanced benefits that help our employees and their families expand and evolve. We’re tripling our U.S. fertility Rx lifetime max (increased from $20K to $60K) to cover egg-freezing and storage, as well as IVF cycles and infertility drugs for fertility preservation supporting couples actively trying to have a baby. This will also provide support to women who are looking to preserve their fertility, and same sex male couples who are interested in a gestational carrier.

Globally, we have enhanced benefits for under-represented groups, including stronger benefits for same-sex partners and enhanced parental leave.

Creating a culture that supports work/life balance and that fairly rewards the contributions of all our employees across the globe is critical. We hope our level of transparency and approach inspires other companies to do the same.

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