Creator’s Horoscope: Hold Your Sad Emojis — There’s a Positive End to #virgoseason

Here’s what you’ll gain post-Virgo.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 09-19-2019

“ Virgo’s creativity compliments their disciplined work style”

We’re at the end of the hype for #Virgoseason, and I think it’s important to address the unicorn in the room – being a Virgo doesn’t mean by default you’re on par with the Queen of all Virgos (sorry she’s off-limits). However, on the positive tip, there are plenty of advantages to being an everyday Virgo.

Your creativity compliments your disciplined work style — that said, you are often mistaken for being overly eccentric — but there’s almost always a method of genius behind your intensity.

Virgos possess some of the best attributes — kind, hardworking, practical… not to mention you’re always in the know with the art, music, and culture. Pursuing a career in concept art could truly make you shine.

In a world where Netflix and Hulu set the standard for award season, and video games continue to dominate the world (being a $36.9 billion industry), don’t ask yourself what you have to lose, but, rather, where can you start.

Concept illustration begins with an idea – and you have no shortage of those – so combine this with your wealth of knowledge in all things, with your work ethic and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool gig.

Keep in mind, you have to face one last retrograde on October 31, putting you back in your feels.

Don’t let your doubts slow down your process. Making real progress comes with time, not obsession. Use the lull period to reach out to your network and reestablish any low-hanging connections – remember, it takes a village.

Once Mercury has settled its final score, productivity is on green. Try your hand in pitching the next Netflix original or “Kingdom Hearts.” It’s time to focus on you for what’s left of 2019.

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