Exploring Trust and Responsibility: Participate in World Interaction Design Day 2019 (IxDD) on September 24

Take part in person or online.

Promo image for 2019 World Interaction Design Day, a global interaction design conference.

World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) is a global celebration of interaction design’s ability to improve the human condition, and we’re inviting you to join us, online or at events in person, to celebrate its second year on September 24. Last year, designers and design enthusiasts came together at more than 90 events in 37 countries to talk about the role design plays in all aspects of diversity and inclusion. This year, we’re tackling the theme of trust and responsibility in design head-on with more activities and events around the globe.

Join an event in person

Presented in partnership with the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), this year’s World Interaction Design Day will focus on the theme of trust and responsibility, with over 100 events in 40 countries. The presentations, panels, workshops, and design showcases will explore how design affects and is affected by all aspects of trust and responsibility.

In San Francisco, for example, Margot Bloomstein will share her insights into how to design for trust in an increasingly cynical world. In London, Caroline Sinders will share her insights into how designers themselves view trust and responsibility in their work. Check out this page to find an event in your area and to register.

IxDD is a global interaction design conference that takes place in locations across the world.

World Interaction Design Day is being celebrated at events around the world.

Join the live-stream

If you aren’t able to attend an event in person, you can still follow the 24-hour streaming marathon on Adobe Live, live from Sydney, Berlin, and San Francisco, featuring guests who will share how they approach designing for trust and responsibility in your own work — and how you can approach these topics in your own work.

Join the conversation

Share your thoughts, perspectives, and point of view on the importance of trust and responsibility using the hashtag #IxDD, and be sure to ask your networks to do the same!

We are also providing these IxDD social media assets for you to use and help spread the word. We’re hoping to boost awareness of the work interaction designers are doing to make the world a better place, and inspire conversation on the subject online and in person.

You can also follow @AdobeXD and @IxDA on Twitter for updates on events and activities happening around the globe.

Join in and learn

In anticipation of World Interaction Design Day, we’ve been taking a close look at trust and responsibility in the design world.

Be sure to listen to a special episode of Wireframe on privacy, trust, and responsibility, Adobe’s design podcast hosted by Principal Designer Khoi Vinh. In this episode, we gather a roundtable of design experts to take a hard look at how culpable designers are in the erosion of our digital privacy, and how they can improve the situation by building increased trust with users.

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