Brand Safety Institute Trains Companies in the Emerging Field of Brand Safety

by Gourav Sinha

posted on 09-26-2019

In the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, bad PR can spread like wildfire. Brands can’t afford to let their name become associated with negative topics, such as hate speech, malware, fake news, and criminal activity. But with the rise of programmatic advertising, companies don’t always know exactly where their digital advertisements will end up. How do brands protect themselves in this digital world?

This is where Brand Safety Institute (BSI) comes in. Founded in 2018, the organization aims to advance the field of brand safety through research, education, training, and accreditation around the topic of brand safety.

“Brand safety is still a relatively new concept for digital advertising,” says co-founder Neal Thurman. “Many people working in brand safety today were asked or assigned to cover one or more brand safety-related issues after arriving at their job, but they didn’t have a lot of support, references, or best practices to work from. We saw an opportunity with the Brand Safety Institute to help advance the practice of brand safety by providing training and accreditation to become a Brand Safety Officer.”

BSI launched its training and accreditation program using Adobe Captivate Prime as the learning management system. The organization chose Captivate Prime because it has the functionality that will support the organization even as it grows and expands internationally to educate the next generation of Brand Safety Officers.

Trainees can access learning experiences on desktop, laptop, or mobile device. They can even take advantage of the offline learning capability to download and view lessons without an internet connection. BSI plans to give trainees new avenues of engagement by implementing gamification and using APIs to connect with expanded experiences.

“Brand safety is a niche issue, but it’s becoming more important for big brands over time,” says Thurman. “We believe Adobe Captivate Prime will continue to support us as our organization expands internationally and as we develop more complex training demands to support this critical, emerging issue.”

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