It’s No Bull! Animate in Real Time. Really.

It took a while, but the turtle puppet has finally arrived! Gamera only dreams he had the props of Zippy the Turtle with his space helmet, headphones, tablet, and game controller. Zippy’s BFF Bruce the Bull will steer you toward your inner artist with his pencil, pen, and paintbrush props. They come with triggers, replays, and helpful controls. With your creativity and their expressive mouth shapes they can look surprised, happy, sad, mad, unimpressed, and more. They also have hand gestures like thumbs up and down, point, and wave. Download both puppets.

It’s no bull! Animate in real time. Really. Use template puppets like Zippy and Bruce and animate them with your own performance. Character Animator uses your expressions and movements to animate your characters in real time. So when you smile or nod your head, your character does too. It’s so fast, you can even stream your animations live.

These puppets were created by Digital Puppets’ Scott and Antony Evans. Scott says, “With the increase in social media marketing, there is now a huge demand for regular content to keep customers engaged and up to date with your latest offers. Using digital puppet technology, you can produce animated promotional content faster than traditional animation, keeping the costs lower for you without loss of quality.” And Antony adds, “Create a live talk show, animate a podcast, create a character for your gaming channel on platforms such as Twitch and Mixer. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and stand out from the crowd!”

Check out these tutorials and get started making your own puppets too:

Want to learn more about using Character Animator? Here you go!