Jeremy Lam and Seeing Impact in Other People

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 10-09-2019

When Jeremy first joined Adobe through the Magento acquisition, the first thing he thought was “look at all these products!” Like many opportunities before this one, Jeremy was excited for the challenges ahead and the new products to learn. As a Commerce Specialist, Enterprise Account Executive, Jeremy is working with a diverse set of customers to help them realize their commerce goals. As someone who’s always been passionate about growing his career and making an impact, Jeremy sat down with us to chat about his passion for helping customers, tips for succeeding, and moving from the restaurant industry to the tech industry.

Since the acquisition of Magento, how has your experience been like at Adobe?

It’s been a really wonderful, rewarding experience. When the acquisition was announced, naturally there were a lot of questions. But the transition was really well done, and I felt we were really welcomed and quickly made to feel like part of the company. There’s been a lot of change, but everything has been really positive.

What is a day in the life look like as a Commerce Specialist, Enterprise Account Executive?

In my role, I support the account teams of our strategic customers in automotive, high-tech, travel, and media. I’m their Magento product specialist, and I help grow customers’ footprint to include the Adobe Commerce Cloud. My day to day varies quite wildly. Some days I’m matching customers with a commerce need, demoing a product, or building out relationships. The cool thing about it is that it’s different all the time.

And what is the one part of your job that you’re most passionate about?

I get to see peoples’ vision and dreams come to life. With our product we’re able to help them realize their vision with our commerce engine. I get to see that impact. My uncle once asked me what my legacy in life will be, and I told him I want to see my impact through other people. If I look back and say, “hey, I helped that person,” that’s really powerful. I feel that we’re able to do this on a regular basis.

What makes our products and services exciting for customers?

The most exciting thing is that we truly value the idea of providing a really amazing personalized experience to each of our customers, and in turn, their customers. Today, you can really feel like a number. So we’re sure to focus on the experience. We really do a good job of making things feel personal.

What are some of your tactics for being a successful Enterprise Account Executive? Do you have any advice for people who are in similar roles?

The number one skill is to be insanely curious about everything. You really shouldn’t be focused on your agenda—focus on the customer, ask them a lot of questions, and be genuinely interested in people. The second skill is, never be afraid to ask for help. No matter who you ever reach out to, they’re always willing to share. I try to take advantage of that as much as possible.

What’s one thing someone would be surprised to learn about you?

I went to culinary school! My journey was interesting. I started in the restaurant industry—I opened and managed restaurants, and I came from the UK. But then I was approached by Apple, and I found B2B sales was something I was passionate about. Since then, I joined Magento as a customer success manager and now I’m an account executive. I’ve always enjoyed big challenges and it’s allowed me to build up my skillsets.

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