Gojek Brings Disruptive Creativity To SEA’s Rideshare Market

Gojek has been disrupting the ridesharing and logistics industry in Southeast Asia since the startup arrived on the scene in 2010. The now iconic Southeast Asian brand began as a call center with a fleet of 20 motorcycle-taxi drivers (colloquially known as Ojeks), with the objective of providing an innovative solution to Jakarta’s traffic congestion problems.

The Gojek app was launched in 2015 for users across Indonesia. A motorbike ride-sharing service (GoRide), a delivery service (GoSend) and an online shopping service (GoShop) were all launched on the same platform to better serve the needs of users in Indonesia.

Following the brand’s success in Indonesia, the next step was to expand into the rest of Southeast Asia, first with GoViet in Vietnam in 2018 and then with the launch of Gojek in Singapore in 2019. Within its first six months of operations in Singapore, Gojek amassed 10 million trips, a testament to the city-state’s appetite for on-demand services and the success of the brand’s marketing efforts. In 2019, Gojek also launched a two-wheeler service under the name GET in 14 areas across Bangkok.

From its inception, Gojek has set itself apart by consistently adapting its offerings, even anticipating the needs and wants of its users. This resulted in its evolution into a super app in Indonesia where it has become a one-stop platform that caters to Indonesians’ daily needs. This includes over 20 different services which provide work for two million registered driver partners, 400,000 GoFood merchants and 60,000 GoLife service providers.

Gojek intends to make the same impact across the rest of Southeast Asia.

All for one and one for all

With its ambitions set on the fastest growing emerging smartphone region, speed to market in the competitive Southeast Asian ridesharing scene is critical for success. The creative leadership at Gojek wanted to speed up workflows and unlock content velocity to engage and delight users with exceptional mobile experiences.

“We embrace our employees’ creativity and encourage them to always think outside the box to come up with fresh, innovative ideas. In order to stay ahead of our competitors, those ideas need to be executed quickly. To enable agility, we equip employees with the best collaborative tools on the market. As we were already working with Adobe Creative Cloud, we decided to get the Adobe team onboard to help us maximize the platform’s potential – and help us unlock opportunities across the entire business,” said VJ Anand, Senior Vice President, Creative Labs, Gojek, about the partnership with Adobe.

The Adobe team worked closely with Gojek to understand the existing environment and setup in order to propose improvements. What the Adobe team found was that teams from different departments across the organization were working in silos which led to duplications of efforts and a lack of control in terms of the overall brand consistency of assets created.

Creative collaboration drives the business further

The implementation of Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise has helped Gojek creatives streamline workflows across teams. Adobe Creative Cloud libraries encourage collaboration by simplifying access and sharing of assets across devices. The assets are more easily accessible across various teams, making it easier to maintain version control.

“With Adobe’s smooth collaboration workflows, creative assets can be shared easily across each of our business unit teams, saving creative team members valuable time and ensuring that our branding and design remains consistent across the organization. The increased collaboration between teams has also been inspiring to many across the organization as the company scales quickly. Our teams have never been more excited about bringing their creative ideas to life,” elaborates VJ.

Combining the usage of Creative Cloud libraries with Adobe collaboration tool, project deliverables have in fact been accelerated by at least 30 percent, freeing creative teams up to focus on developing creative content and seamless experiences to capture the hearts and minds of more potential Gojek users.

Additionally, Adobe Enterprise Admin Console has given the IT team greater control of licensing management. IT admin can add or reassign seats at any time from a single dashboard and access advanced tools for administrative control and content security.

“As our business expands across the region and our team grows with it, Adobe’s Enterprise Admin Console is the central point from which our IT team remains in control of all our licensing assets and users. IT leaders can centrally procure and deploy licenses to users no matter where in the network they are situated and even do so instantaneously, mobilizing new employees to be productive immediately. We also have the flexibility to dynamically assign licenses between different business units, optimizing license use across the group,” explained Ananto Widhi, Head of IT Infrastructure at Gojek.

The future is bright

Gojek is currently doubling down on its efforts to bring its full set of services to the region. In line with this strategy, it recently rolled out a new visual identity, including a new logo and user interface, that reflects the company’s evolution from a Jakarta-based ride-hailing service to Southeast Asia’s leading super app. Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise was the key tool used from ideation through to smooth execution.

Gojek is invested in delivering new and innovative services to stay ahead of the competition. This requires that their app remains relevant, intuitive, easy to use and easy to deploy new services on. Adobe is committed to providing the tools for Gojek’s continued success across Southeast Asia. This includes Adobe XD for rapid application prototyping and Adobe Premiere Rush for social media content editing and Adobe Stock for high-quality curated assets.

With the support of Adobe Creative Cloud, the company is well-placed to approach the next chapter of growth across the Southeast Asia and from there, the rest of the world!

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