Edit Like a Boss

With the all-new premium features in the Acrobat Reader mobile app, you can edit anytime, anywhere on any device — like the boss that you are.

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 10-15-2019

You’re psyching yourself up as you head to a meeting with one of your design firm’s new clients. You’ve been trying to land this brand for months, and it finally happened. It’s critical this meeting goes well.

Time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. You’re giving the deliverable one last once over on your phone when you notice it: a big, fat typo. Right in the title. How did you miss it? You’re an Enneagram type 1! Your perfectionist alarm bells should have gone off when you were exporting the source InDesign file to PDF.

The reality: it happens. Life happens on the go, and the expectation is that you can be productive anywhere. ‘Have phone — will travel,’ as it were. You aren’t likely to do any major designing or authoring from your mobile device, but chances are it’s always within arms reach, — and in a pinch, it needs to perform.

Don’t sweat the typo

At least you’re not alone — it’s a common problem to get stuck unable to make needed edits on a PDF when you need to do so. Even when you are able to make the changes, the process is typically fiddly and time-consuming. You need to open the source file, make the edit, then export the updated version to a new PDF. All of these steps slow down the workflow and may be problematic to complete while you’re on the go.

The new premium features in the Acrobat Reader mobile app changes that. You can get the job done from your phone or tablet, tackling quick text or image editing in a snap. Simply edit the text with your finger on your mobile device (iOS or Android, we’re not picky) and save that beautiful PDF. Now you can confidently walk into the meeting with a gorgeous, perfectly spelled brochure proposal without missing a beat.

Easy document editing, feedback, and approval — step by step

With the latest update of the Acrobat Reader mobile app, Acrobat DC subscribers can easily edit on any mobile device – adjust text, change or resize images, swap out a misplaced logo, and make the kinds of changes that could make or break your proposal, your presentation, or your pitch. Best of all you can do it right then and there – carpe diem, baby!

That’s it! Edit PDFs from anywhere at any time. Switch between devices if you want; changes are synced across devices, all thanks to Adobe Document Cloud.

Editing on the go like this is a big step forward for PDF and for your workflows — but that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve made your edits, it’s easy to send it on for feedback or even sign on the dotted line.

Do more — and do it even better, even faster, and with less heavy lifting. “The mobile interface closely mirrors the desktop version, though scaled-down a bit, and makes working with PDFs on the smaller screen surprisingly easy,” say our friends at PC World.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try Acrobat DC for free and experience how easy it is to Edit PDFs.

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