Fonts for the Fall

New additions to the Adobe Fonts library are included with Creative Cloud subscriptions.

by Yves Peters

posted on 10-18-2019

Just like the brightly colored leaves falling from the trees, almost 600 eclectic fonts land in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription at no extra cost. Three foundries recently joined Adobe Fonts with exciting typefaces (FSD, Tart Workshop, and Nova Type Foundry), and Insigne Designs added 17 expansive type families.

Fabrizio Schiavi brings FSD to Adobe Fonts

Italian multidisciplinary designer Fabrizio Schiavi is equally at ease engineering complex type systems for coding and system fonts as he is drawing arresting display faces, which he releases under his FSD imprint.

PragmataPro’s narrow letters turn it into an economic monospaced typeface fit for programming as well as body copy.

With PragmataPro, Fabrizio wanted to design the ultimate font for coding, math, and engineering, optimized for screen rendering. Thanks to its condensed features and absence of line spacing, you can fit a maximum amount of code on a minimal surface. PragmataPro Fraktur reinvents the narrow monospaced sans serif as a sleek, modern black letter.

The combination of narrow, constructed letterforms and soft stroke endings make Sys look both technological and friendly.

Sys was developed to work well at very small sizes. Thanks to painstaking hinting, the condensed sans serif can be used to replace TrueType system fonts. Its rounded stroke endings give it a friendly look. SysFalso — originally the corporate typeface for insurance broker YU SpA — was hand drawn on Sys’s skeleton for a more fun, casual interpretation.

Nove’s carefree attitude originates from a clever construction consisting of circles in various sizes.

Don’t let Nove’s bouncy, joyful characters fool you. The display face, inspired by B-movie typography, was drawn according to a complex geometry. Siruca was developed for building wayfinding systems. Its stencil letters with rounded stroke endings are ideal for painting or routing in an architectural environment.

Thanks to clever OpenType substitution technology, typing specific words automatically creates the corresponding icons.

The strictly geometric logo of modular building solutions company Algeco was the jumping-off point for Eco’s idiosyncratic letterforms. Virna is a powerful multiline display face originally commissioned for’s rebranding in late 2003. It is the first Western typeface whose letters connect in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Sweet hand-drawn fonts from Tart Workshop

Crystal Kluge’s signature style was part of the emergence of the popular “modern calligraphy” trend. The illustrator and lettering artist releases fonts based on her hand-drawn alphabets under the Tart Workshop banner. Her designs are ideally suited for cards and invitations, books and stationery, branding and packaging, and much more; anything that needs a hand-made, slightly vintage look.

Fredericka The Greatest gives your designs an authentic, artisanal look.

If regular fonts feel too clean and strict to you, Chelsea Market is a loose rendering of a geometric sans including an outline variant. Another option is Fredericka The Greatest, a roughly sketched serif display face with dramatic contrast between thick and thin strokes.

All-caps titles and logos become exciting and fun with Seasoned Hostess.

Lively penmanship meets ink lettering in the all-capitals display faces Seasoned Hostess and Silverstein. Bookeyed is a suite of narrow serif alphabets handwritten with antique French nibs dipped in walnut ink. The fonts come in upright and italic styles, in two widths, and with different amounts of ornamentation.

The Bookeyed suite of hand-drawn serif fonts strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual.

San Rafael is a breezy script with lovely curled flourishes, Aya Script’s round letters connect to form playful strings of words.

New type from Nova Type Foundry

The last in our list of new foundries added to your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is the brand-new Portuguese Nova Type Foundry, founded by Joana Correia. This graduate from the renowned Typeface Design MA programme at the University of Reading injects Latin flair in her exacting design practice, producing warm and approachable type families.

Laca’s stacked capitals create arresting headlines and instant logos.

This approach is clearly apparent in the gently curved details of Laca’s lively letterforms. The comely display sans has many special features like initial and final shapes, nesting capitals, and alternate characters. Laca Text offers improved legibility in smaller sizes by toning down these design traits and having a larger x-height and open counters.

Sitting somewhere between a forceful italic and a stylized brusch script, Artigo Display is sure to turn heads.

Artigo interprets the handwritten roots of the first roman types as a contemporary multipurpose serif face with dynamic italics. The human hand is even more present in its companion Artigo Display, an energetic italic for confident headlines and titles.

Alternates allow you to customize Lemongrass until it looks just right.

Lemongrass’s malleable letterforms and low contrast lend it a trendy retro feel, ideal for branding and packaging. The connected script comes with all the swashes, ligatures, and alternates necessary to mimic an authentic hand-lettered look, plus an extra style for all-caps setting.

Insigne Design signs in over 500 new fonts

For the past 15 years, Jeremy Dooley has designed an eclectic variety of typefaces for his Insigne Design library, formerly called DooleyType. He is known primarily for his type systems with a variety of finishes and many weights and widths.

Aviano Royale’s distinguished wide capitals can be embellished with graceful swash caps.

Look Script and Wreath are stylized connected scripts in multiple weights that exude a fashionably retro atmosphere. The wide all-caps serif display face Aviano Royale will make your titles and logos look regal.

Chypre’s simplified letterforms avoid visual clutter on screens.

Arts and crafts influences and unusual end forms make Ashemore stand out against other humanist sans serifs, while Ainslie Sans’ half-rounded stroke endings give it a friendly appearance. Chypre is built for the age of virtual assistants and augmented reality, from the smallest handheld devices to gigantic jumbotrons. Dulcian’s clean, energetic characters infuse clarity into pull quotes and short texts.

Mandrel’s crisp characters create clear, confident text.

With its well-defined letterforms and sharp serifs, Mandrel sets scintillating text on the page. Solitas Serif’s delicately rounded serifs and corners produce an agreeable look. Yorkten Slab has open letterforms and sturdy, square serifs for distinct copy and arresting headlines.

Haboro Soft subtly rounded stroke endings lend the sans serif family a modern, professional appearance.

Haboro Soft has blunt corners for a mechanical yet warm look. The difference between thin and thick strokes in Haboro Contrast follows the principles of serif type and applies them to a sans serif. Haboro Serif’s chunky serifs are reminiscent of typewriter faces, just like the serifs of the more relaxed Cabrito. Both are great choices for correspondence. Cabrito’s elegant sibling Cabrito Didone has an increased contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Belda’s elegant letterforms inspired by the classic Roman capitals bring an air of sophistication to your designs.

If you prefer an even more classical style, the graceful Belda applies the principles of the roman capitals’ calligraphy to a contemporary framework. Civane’s delicately curved strokes are also inspired by chiseled inscriptions on the monuments of great civilizations.

Now that summer’s over and the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle is picking up, why don’t you activate some of these typefaces in your Adobe Creative Cloud apps? They all are free for you to use in print and digital projects. So start exploring and dress your communication in brand-new typography.

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