Libra, 2019 Isn’t Done With You Just Yet

The last day of Libra Season means nothing but gained momentum.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 10-22-2019

As Libra season comes to close expect more good energy, thanks to your ruling planet, Venus.

People love your presence because you are both gracious and diplomatic. You can sit back and allow the universe to do it’s work and resist the dramatic impulses attempting to steer you off course.

Like oil paint, you can share your beauty with others in harmony, all while allowing yourself the space and time to be exactly what you are meant to become.

Are we warm?

Let’s consider you an oil painter – both focused on beauty, can be a bit stubborn, but most importantly, patient and cooperative.

Libras are driven by pretty things, and feel more balanced in their creative pursuits with discipline.

They would rather work hard to achieve their goals, and are naturally inclined to put all of their energy towards whatever they are creating.

As an oil painter, your work with benefit from your gentle, disciplinary style.

Libra season is coming to a close, so it’s time to switch gears. Focus on completing your goals for 2019 and nesting on your ideas for 2020.

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