Keep Your Assets on Hand and Your Projects On-Brand with Creative Cloud Libraries

Designers are under increasing pressure to develop more content on tighter timelines than ever before, while ensuring their creative output is always on-brand. It’s essential for design teams to have assets well-organized and easily accessible from a central location to avoid recreating assets unnecessarily and to be able to focus on getting work done. Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries put your colors, logos, images, materials, and other creative elements at your fingertips, right inside your Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps, helping you work more efficiently while ensuring creative consistency. Libraries can be shared, ensuring that everyone on a team or project has access to the same up-to-date assets.

Creative Cloud Libraries is the must-have tool for busy designers who are looking for ways to streamline their workflows while staying in sync with their teams.

Organize your content in easy-to-manage ways

With Creative Cloud Libraries, you can collect and keep creative elements organized through groups. Easily collect, organize, and manage up-to-date digital elements in your auto-generated or custom groups within a library. Keep fonts, color palettes, images, logos, brushes, and other elements in one fully shareable and accessible location. Order creative elements by dragging and dropping within a group or between groups.

Manage your assets within a group or library. Changes to assets or groups within a library will be synchronized across all of your Adobe applications. Creative Cloud libraries gives you the ability to add searchable descriptions to creative elements and (library) assets. There is no need to search emails or group chats for asset descriptions with updates through library notes. Give collaborators a short description on how an asset is to be used in a brief 130 character description ensuring proper communication and on-brand design work across your Adobe platforms and applications.

One-click access to all your creative elements

Creative Cloud Libraries provide one-click access to your favorite creative elements directly from your desktop and mobile applications as well as in the new Creative Cloud desktop app, which provides full-screen management of your Libraries. You can even access them offline. Your creative elements are organized in one place, and they’re at your fingertips — there’s no need to go searching for those images, graphics, or colors — so you can focus on your design strategy and content. Desktop or mobile, your Creative Cloud Libraries are always a click away.

Creative Cloud Libraries empowers collaboration

Creative Cloud Libraries makes collaboration simple by allowing you to share design assets and components with other design team members through Collaborate or Share Link in the Libraries menu panel. This gives team members access rights to libraries, from simple “can view and use” permission to full editing capabilities. Communicate changes effectively and easily with team members through automatic synchronized asset updates. Make changes that are distributed each time someone accesses the shared library.

You can easily add shared library assets to your project compositions: simply drag the design element from the library panel onto your Adobe Illustrator or Adobe XD artboard, Photoshop canvas, InDesign layout, and Premier or After Effects timelines. Libraries are available across all our desktop products and an increasing number of mobile apps.

The Collaborate feature in CC Libraries.

Create your first Creative Cloud Library

To get started with Creative Cloud Libraries, open any existing project file in your favorite Adobe app, go to the Window tab, and select Libraries. Create a new library and name it, or simply add assets to the default My Library and either:

Get more info on Creative Cloud Libraries, and check out our detailed guide on creating your first Creative Cloud Library.