Anupriya’s Fateful Encounter

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 10-24-2019

Contributed by Anupriya Khare, Technical Support Consultant

“Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.” – Baha’i Writings

I have always believed in living a coherent life in which my values and beliefs are not limited to words but also reflected through my actions.

Growing up, I experienced a time in my life where my family could not afford my education and I had to move from the best school in the city to another school where I was not happy. During those four years, I realized the importance of quality education that I was missing in my life. But, it was during this period in my life that I introduced to Dr. Bharti Gandhi, the Founder-Director of City Montessori School (also known as The World’s Largest School), who observed my love for studies and supported my education in her school. It’s not wrong to say that whatever I am today, my foundation was made strong through her support and teachings. Inspired by what she did for me, I always thought that whenever I get a chance, I will do something to make a meaningful impact on the quality education of children.

And since joining Adobe in 2014, I have been able to fulfill this dream. Adobe has been a workplace that has always provided me with a platform to live a coherent life and contribute to the community. This year I participated in Adobe’s Pro Bono Initiative where I volunteered for Lokarpan, a program that offers solutions to empower communities living in stress. It was not easy to manage this initiative along with my work, but my manager Ankush Rattan guided me in every challenge I faced and supported me to successfully complete this initiative.

Since the beginning of the year, I have volunteered for 62 hours—with Adobe rewarding $250 USD for every 10 hours logged—to give to nonprofit organizations. The icing on the cake was that while selecting the nonprofit where I wanted to donate these grants worth 1,44,000 INR, I read about DEVI Sansthan, an initiative promoting literacy for the underprivileged. As fate would have it, the program is directed by Dr. Sunita Gandhi, the daughter of Dr. Bharti Gandhi, who made me who I am today. When I look back at my journey growing up, and how I can give back to causes that mean dearly to me, I am really thankful to Adobe’s Matching Grants Program.

As I reflect, I want to thank Dr Bharti Gandhi again for supporting my education and enabling me to develop the skills that led me to become part of Adobe. Thank you #AdobeLife for always providing me opportunities to bring my beliefs into actions, motivating me to do more for the social causes, and supporting me to keep working on my education through Learning Funds!

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