Collab & Create with Dan Mace

Join Dan Mace for a new project to help create inspiration.

by Jayson Oertel

posted on 10-28-2019

We’re joining forces with content creator and filmmaker Dan Mace for a fun video project about creative inspiration and overcoming creative block. To demonstrate how to help turn negative obstacles into creative openings, we want YOU to help us by temporarily joining his team to collaborate on this fun video project that will inspire creators all around the world.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. This collaboration is open to subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel, a resource of creative inspiration, information and tutorial content for Adobe’s suite of creative products.
  2. Share on Twitter or Instagram an example of how you overcame a creative obstacle and briefly explain how you made it happen. You can show an example of some of your work that was the result of overcoming creative block or something that inspired you. Be sure to use the hashtags #AdobeInspoEngine AND # AdobexDan by 11:59 pm PT on 11/11/2019 so that we can find you.
  3. Dan will select the creator to collaborate with Dan the week of December 9th 2019.

Need to know info:

Topics: Creativity

Products: Creative Cloud