This Year at Adobe Max Immerse Your Senses In…Typography

©Sarah Hyndman

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 10-28-2019

Adobe Fonts, the collection of over 17,000 fonts included in your Creative Cloud subscription, has partnered with Sarah Hyndman of Type Tasting to take attendees on a multisensory journey through type.

Visitors to booth 821 will have the opportunity to see, taste, smell, touch, and hear a typeface inspired by the mood they’re experiencing at the moment. Sarah’s extensive research will help guide you through the station, and you’ll be able to give feedback to let us know if our fonts matched your feelings!

Attendees can also express their disposition through crafting and coloring on typographic postcards, and add them to a large display wall of type over the course of the three days of the Community Pavilion. Stop by and you’ll get some postcards and a notebook with excerpts of Sarah’s book “Why Fonts Matter.”

We look forward to meeting you at MAX and chatting more about fonts!

About Adobe Fonts

Your Creative Cloud subscription includes thousands of fonts from type foundries around the world.

About Type Tasting

Sarah Hyndman is the founder of Type Tasting and author of “Why Fonts Matter.” She is on a mission to change the way we think and talk about typography and to make it exciting for everybody.

She has been researching typography and perception since 2013 and co-publishes studies with Professor Charles Spence of the University of Oxford. She is a TEDx speaker who delivers talks with lashings of audience participation and is a regular on radio and TV.

Sarah creates multisensory installations and events based on her research. These invite audiences to discover how typefaces evoke different moods or personalities, and that they engage with type through all of the senses.

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