Introducing Adobe Design to Print

As graphic artists, we channel our creativity toward a commercial goal: subtly influence viewers to be favorably inclined toward a product or service. Most of us also create art for the sheer thrill of bringing something new into existence. But there is nothing quite as exciting as seeing our artwork in print — a physical object, affecting real people in the real world.

At MAX booth #401, the Adobe Print Team will be showing Design to Print, a new tool that enables designers to create artwork for printing on physical products… and to earn royalty fees for their efforts. Adobe Design to Print is a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, available for free download on Adobe Exchange. It effectively turns the Photoshop environment into a money-making portal. A new palette enables the artist to select a “blank” product from a catalog (e.g., an article of clothing), and to preview how it will look when their design is printed on it. Familiar Photoshop tools, like placing images, brush strokes, and effects can be used to easily create a beautiful design while simultaneously viewing a visualization of its appearance when printed on the finished product. When ready, the design can be easily published for manufacturing and sale.

We are excited to announce that Adobe will be partnering with for the launch of Design to Print at MAX. Zazzle is the world’s leading online destination empowering people to customize products and designs. Design to Print is fully compatible with Zazzle, and everything can be done from within Photoshop. So there is no need to switch back and forth to/from a web browser. When a Zazzle shopper selects a design to be printed on a Zazzle product, the artist gets paid! Additional print-on-demand services will offer compatibility with Design to Print in the future.

Visit MAX booth #401 to experience Design to Print for yourself. A few minutes later, you can be walking away with your own dazzling tote bag — designed by you, printed and manufactured by Zazzle, right in the booth. Be sure to register for a Zazzle account before you come by.

Calling all textile designers! Also in booth #401, the Print Team will demonstrate another new Photoshop plug-in, built for designers who create prints for fashion, décor, or fabrics. The beta release of Adobe Textile Designer plug-in for Adobe Photoshop accelerates print design for apparel, home fashion, gift wraps, wallpapers, etc. Change your patterns, colors, and separations while keeping everything editable and un-doable. Adobe Textile Designer wraps elements that flow beyond the edge of your central tile around to the other side, and lets you view design changes as they will appear in the full repeating pattern. It’s very cool, and already a big hit with thousands of beta testers.

Adobe Textile Designer works with ColorReader Pro, from Datacolor. ColorReader Pro enables designers to capture color inspiration from anywhere. It is an ultra-portable, Bluetooth-connected color selection device, which delivers fast, highly accurate color matches.

Come to booth #401 to take the Color Match Challenge. Two ColorReader Pro devices and two Datacolor SpyderX Elite units (monitor calibration) will be awarded as contest prizes, every day of the show.