Visualize your Product in a Realistic Environment

Image source: Adobe Stock / adobestock3d / Vidu Gunaratna.

When you want to see how your products will look in the real world, Adobe Dimension is your go-to app. Dimension offers easy-to-use 3D tools for creating product mock-ups as well as packaging designs, brand visualizations, and more. You can even add a logo to a product mock-up and place it in a realistic-looking environment for that extra touch of authenticity.

Applying your branding to a 3D model

Start by finding a 3D model that represents the product you’d like to enhance with your branding. Adobe Stock is a great place to look. Not only is it built into the Dimension Asset panel, but it also offers a wide range of models to choose from — and many of them are available free of charge.

Create a new project in Dimension and import your model by selecting 3D Model from the File > Import menu. Then choose Frame Selection from the Camera menu in order to see the entire model.

Next, in the Scene panel, click the model’s folder icon to reveal the materials you can apply. The example below shows the metal material applied to the Bottle_Size_1_low section.

With the material selected, click the Place Graphic on Model icon in the Actions panel and locate your company logo file. Dimension will apply the logo to your model, and then you’ll be able to scale, rotate, and position the logo anywhere within the material.

Adding a background image to enhance your scene

To see how your product will look in the real world, it’s a good idea to add a background image to your scene. Select the Environment layer in the Scene panel and click the Background swatch in the Properties panel. In the dialog, choose Image and find a background image that will complement your model.

In order to better integrate your model into the background image, you’ll need to combine the background with the model’s material. Dimension offers a quick way to do this in the Actions panel. With the Environment layer still selected in the Scene panel, click the Match Image button in the Actions panel and then click OK after Dimension finishes processing the image.

Now you can see the background image reflected in the model’s stainless-steel surface. Use the Rotation slider in the Properties panel to adjust the reflection on the model, or rotate the model using the Rotation tool in the toolbar.

Learn to use Dimension and Adobe XD together to create an engaging eCommerce experience

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