Adobe Connects Creatives with Marketers to Accelerate Print and Digital Experiences

by Elliot Sedegah

posted on 11-04-2019

The publishing industry hasn’t been the same since Adobe InDesign was introduced 20 years ago. Innovation was in InDesign’s DNA then and still is today. The past two decades have brought numerous changes to the way consumers engage with content. Today, the savvy customer demands more engaging and personalized experiences than ever before. The ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work.

Today, Adobe is releasing a new feature for Asset Link that enables direct linking between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets and InDesign. Asset Link connects users’ AEM Assets digital asset manager (DAM) to design tools in Adobe Creative Cloud and the more than 100 million royalty-free assets in Adobe Stock, and now with the direct linking capability to InDesign, Asset Link helps further accelerate print and digital content creation.

As customers are increasingly engaging with brands across multiple channels, whether its online, social media, in-store, on the street with flyers, banners and billboards it’s crucial to deliver consistent messaging and seamless experiences across all channels, including print and digital.

Far too often, we’ve seen organizations where marketing and creative teams work in silos, with fragmented workflows. This greatly impacts the ability to produce consistent print and digital content quickly and at scale – especially at larger organizations comprised of hundreds of marketers and creatives.

For example, with the direct linking capability between AEM Assets and InDesign, a retailer that is going through a major brand refresh and needs to update its logo on all marketing channels, like digital, brochures, flyers, posters and more, no longer has to spend hours tracking down each asset that the old logo is on and update it manually. This method takes many hours of work from both the marketing and creative teams and can take away valuable time that the teams should be spending actually creating the meaningful content.

Furthermore, with Asset Link’s new direct linking capability between AEM Assets and InDesign, the end customer will also benefit beyond just experiencing a consistent look and feel across channels. Because the direct linking capability accelerates marketers and creatives time to deliver relevant content to market, internal teams are able to spend more time creating tailored experiences at a faster rate, translating to stronger customer loyalty, increased relationships and in the end – better sales.

Learn more about Asset Link here and Adobe InDesign here.

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