Create Realistic 3D Designs with Substance, the Texturing Suite

Substance, the 3D texturing software suite, is the game changer for creative projects. Over the years, its portfolio of products has enabled hyper-realistic design content and experiences for artists that work in gaming, entertainment, product design, and architecture, blending the real and digital worlds. Its toolset has given full creative power back to the artist, allowing projects to be brought to life faster with more realism than ever before.

Substance joined the Adobe family earlier this year and the team is so excited to share its suite of products and powerful capabilities with the Creative Cloud audience at MAX!

Start experimenting in 3D with Substance Painter

Dive into 3D with Substance Painter, which is all about texturing a blank 3D asset. These 3D assets can be created or found across multiple marketplaces. Adobe Stock has a vast library of 3D assets available for you to explore or download from. Once you have your 3D model, bring it in to Substance Painter to start personalizing.

With Substance Painter, designers can paint in 3D in a way familiar to what they have used in Photoshop. You can play with mask presets that adapt to any 3D shape, manipulate the layers of a texture, and paint with brushes that can be modified on the fly. What’s more, every aspect of your material can be changed at any point in time without losing any previous or subsequent work. Everything is instantly recomputed. Change a pattern, angle, or color, in any order you choose.

Beyond the free textures available in Substance Painter, designers can download high-quality, fully customizable textures from Substance Source. Once your 3D asset is textured, import it to Adobe Dimension or any rendering software to express your final scene.

Product Announcements at MAX

Yesterday at MAX’s Substance Day event, we announced that the Substance Painter brush engine will match more closely to Photoshop’s. Enhancements include improving pen pressure accuracy, adding new brush settings such as minimum size and blending modes, and supporting the ABR format. In the coming months, the team will ship a collection of ABR brushes alongside the next Substance Painter release. Our aim is to make it easier for Creative Cloud designers to embrace and develop 3D projects, relying on features you have said that you like the most.

If you want to personalize your own textures, we are thrilled to announce that Substance Alchemist is officially out of beta. Substance Alchemist’s flexibility allows you to easily create and manage your own library of 3D textures, mix and tweak existing materials, and make entirely new materials from photos and high-res scans.

With Substance, we are excited to offer powerful and intuitive tools that enable creators to explore and succeed in the world of 3D design. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you create using this new generation of tools.

You can get a free trial of Substance tools anytime, and for a limited time, Creative Cloud customers can save over 30% on a Substance Indie annual subscription that includes our portfolio of Substance products: Painter, Source, Alchemist, and Designer. Learn more and get the offer here!