Launching a New Version of Creative Cloud for a New Era of Creativity

New products, features and services in Creative Cloud will help customers work faster, create anywhere, collaborate with ease, and explore new frontiers.

The world is on the cusp of a new era in which the ability to express your ideas creatively will be essential for success. Today, at Adobe’s MAX conference, we unveiled the next generation of Creative Cloud, new products, features and services that will help everyone thrive in this new age of creativity.

The hundreds of additions and improvements we launched to Creative Cloud will help everyone create more efficiently and effectively. The announcements we made reflect three themes:

Create anywhere, anytime, with anyone

One important focus for Creative Cloud is extending desktop applications onto mobile platforms and using always-available Cloud Documents to enable creativity anywhere and make collaboration painless. Today we announced and previewed a number of new products that further this goal:

Explore new frontiers

Creative interest in 3D and immersive mediums like augmented reality is growing and we are bringing to creative pros tools that allow them to produce 3D content without having to struggle through a steep technical learning curve.

Today, we launched Adobe Aero, a free iOS app designed to help you view, build, and share immersive and interactive AR experiences.

Aero is integrated with the tools many pros already know, like Photoshop and Dimension. And we showed off the Substance Suite, called by many the Photoshop of 3D, which joined the Adobe family this year.

But everyone’s new frontier is personal. For some, it may be mastering video editing or learning how to make their photographs pop. To help creative people reach their full potential, we’ve launched interactive, step-by-step tutorials from master photographers in Lightroom. And next year, we’ll make it possible for anyone to live stream their work in Creative Cloud, so that others can learn from what they do and how they do it.

Faster, more powerful, and more reliable tools

Over the last year, we have fundamentally improved how we build products and the many improvements we launched in today’s version of Creative Cloud reflect that focus. We’ve eliminated product bottlenecks, attacked crash rates, and introduced new features that streamline time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

The performance improvements show up in something as simple as how quickly a new Photoshop file loads, how solid and reliable Cloud Documents are, and how smoothly you can work with thousands of assets in Adobe XD.

We’re using Adobe Sensei to help perform chores that suck up time but don’t require much creative thought. One great example is Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro. Auto Reframe takes video shot in, for instance, landscape mode and automatically reformats it for vertical display on platforms like Instagram. Sensei recognizes the subject of the video and automatically keeps it in frame, a task that can otherwise take hours of a video pro’s time.

Other Sensei features show up throughout Creative Cloud, including a new Photoshop feature that automatically removes the background in an image and sophisticated tools for finding similar looking images in Adobe Stock.

I’ve mentioned a lot here, but still only scratched the surface of the hundreds of new products, features, and other innovations we’ve launched in Creative Cloud. Please check out the improvements in your favorite Creative Cloud apps and follow MAX throughout the week at

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