How Adobe is Supporting Working Parents

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 11-14-2019

For the third year in a row, Adobe has been named a Best Workplace for Parents by Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute. This year we rank no. 22 out of the top 50 companies!

Here at Adobe, we understand that life doesn’t stop when our employees leave work—caring for their family is their top priority, and we want to assist employees in doing so. And we feel proud of the fact that we’re changing the lives of our employees through our meaningful family benefits. To get a closer look at how employees have benefitted, here’s what Laura and Richard had to share about their experience with Adobe.

“My wife and I were thrilled to get support from Adobe to start our family. We used the adoption assistance benefit to offset legal fees for my wife to adopt Kai. When we had our second child, Rae, we again turned to Adobe’s adoption assistance program and the 6-month maternity leave. These benefits were critical to helping us thrive as a family of four and allowed me to return to work able to focus on accelerating value for our customers.”

– Laura Feeney, Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations

“I joined Adobe in 2011, and my wife and I began our journey to start our family shortly after. We are incredible grateful for Adobe and the benefits afforded to us to not only start our family but helping it grow. We have four beautiful children, our oldest child was conceived through IVF and we recently adopted our two youngest boys, and we couldn’t have done it without Adobe’s amazing health benefits and adoption assistance.”

– Richard Oto, Partner Marketing Manager

We understand family is precious and we want our employees to have the support they need to take care of their family and themselves. Here are some of our award-winning benefits that help make this possible.

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Benefits reflected are for Adobe employees in the U.S. For a full list of our benefits visit our website.

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