Create Universe, Sculpt Models, and Making Beats Through MSI Content Creation Laptops

by MSI

posted on 11-15-2019

What are content creators? Content creators are full of potential — people who like to pursue the extraordinary. In life, they are creators, dreamers, and reformers. They pursue challenges and explore the unknown journeys in life to achieve their goals. To empower these creators to wander freely in the world of imagination, MSI combines high performance and professional features content creators have longed for. Graphic design to 3D rendering or even to music production, MSI provides a whole series of Content Creation laptops that are made for creators.

Deep dive into the galaxy with Colie Wertz

From the “Star Wars” franchise to “Captain America: Civil War,” the concept artist and CG modeler Colie Wertz designs a new world through the power of creativity. Specializing in sci-fi spacecraft, vehicles, robots, and mech concept art, Colie brings creative ideas back to those household movies. Colie finds inspiration from every corner of his daily life — a cup of coffee in the morning or even a sports car or motorcycle could be a source of inspiration for him, so his laptop is a great way for him to interpret his creativity. Colie is able to sculpt in VR and define his creativity in his P65 Creator laptop. Now, get ready to explore the universe with Colie!

Colie Wertz, Concept Creator for Star War franchise with P65 Creator.

Sculpt the creativity with Maarten Verhoeven

Do you like zombies or monsters? Then, you have to know Maarten Verhoeven. He has contributed his talents to various works, productions, and clients including Pixologic, Hasbro, “Avengers,” “G.I. Joe,” “Iron Man,” “Gentle Giant,” “The Walking Dead,” “The Hobbit,” Luxion, Formlabs, 3DArtist Magazine, 3D World magazine, and 3DCreative magazine. For this work, Maarten requires a laptop with reliable processing power and has this to say about his P65 Creator laptop, “It’s so powerful like I am carrying the studio with me.”

Maarten Verhoeven, 3D Modeler / Z-Brush Competition World Champion with P65 Creator.

Connect to the world with music, TrapMoneyBenny

“Trap, TrapMoneyBenny…” Drake’s song “My Feelings” is one of the biggest hits in 2019. TrapMoneyBenny, a producer, engineer, and noisemaker has collaborated with multiple famous artists like Drake, Gucci Mane, and Ricky Hill. TrapMoneyBenny also uses an MSI Prestige laptop. While he is working, he needs a high-end laptop with powerful performance and lightweight design. This allows him to work from session to session seamlessly. “MSI Prestige 15 allows me to [use] multiple programs and create freely, and I don’t need to care about using too many sounds.”

TrapMoneyBenny, the music producer of Drake’s “My Feelings” with Prestige 15.

MSI, it is time to let creativity outdoors

Creativity is what makes you dream about what others do not dare to do and think of things that others never thought of. Those creators are a group of dream-weavers who have sewn their design from the strings of imagination to create new masterpieces. Now, MSI collaborates with those dream-makers to showcase unlimited creativity through the Content Creation Series.

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